24 Photos - Jan 14, 2015
Photo: The first thing we saw when we arrived at Mount Field National Park.Photo: On our way to Russell Falls.Photo: We began to see wildlife! This is happening!Photo: So beautiful. Love the pattern.Photo: This is Russell Falls.Photo: And the water falling onto Cynthia’s head ...Photo: The top of the waterfall.Photo: A happy wife is a happy life. Guys, you have got to trust me on this.Photo: OK. This is the real deal.Photo: Horseshoe Falls, our favorite waterfall in Tasmania.Photo: My wife in front of Horseshoe Falls.Photo: A wallaby. Had we not known such an animal exists, we would have thought this is a giant rat.Photo: The base of Lady Barron Falls.Photo: We walked up and took a better look at the waterfall.Photo: Lady Barron Falls is the third waterfall inside Mount Field National Park, also the last falls we visited.Photo: This is Ellendalek, with a population of 392 (2011 census).Photo: We passed by Ellendalek as we left Mount Field National Park. What a beautiful view.Photo: We drove pass Meadowbank Lake on our way to Queensland.Photo: Fishing rods by the lake.Photo: Shoreline against Meadowbank Lake.Photo: One man, with all the fish for himself!Photo: The best B&B we have stayed in a Western country.Photo: Queenstown, a mining town.Photo: Queenstown is charming. So unlike other towns we have seen in Tasmania thus far.