44 Photos - Jan 11, 2015
Photo: Breakfast time, and my wife has picked a bakery as recommended by the guidebook. The weather was lovely.Photo: I had a pie and Cynthia had half of a baguette.Photo: We head to Huon Valley after breakfast and stopped by a visitor centre along the highway.Photo: Huonville has a majestic river. It is a long river.Photo: The river of Huonville is pleasant to look at. Such tranquility.Photo: My wife has found a nice little rock as a backdrop of our photo.Photo: A campsite by the river of Huonville - be one with nature!Photo: I suppose one could dock his boat here?Photo: This boat seems to have docked in the middle of a river. We wonder why it is so.Photo: Black swan. Or a baby swan?Photo: We took this picture from a vantage point overlooking the river of Huonville. Dogs were barking behind us. They appeared to be friendly.Photo: This picture was taken from a port. It was one of the rare spots whereby we had a mobile signal. So while I was busy uploading photographs to Google+, my wife patiently awaited inside our rental car.Photo: What a contrast. And a seagull flew by.Photo: We found this piece of machinery as we drove through a forest area.Photo: My wife and I walked through the woods ...Photo: … and found an ancient ruin. Not a single soul!Photo: We began to wonder if there were wildlife in Tasmania. All we have seen so far was a porcupine (edit: echidna) crossing the road.Photo: A lookout to be reminded that once upon a time, there was a huge forest fire in the area.Photo: We have reached Tahune AirWalk, our final destination of the day.Photo: We walked across the river using a hanging bridge.Photo: Cynthia volunteered to carry my camera bag.Photo: We love nature. The ferns acted as a natural shade.Photo: These trees look really old, and tall.Photo: Welcome to Tahune AirWalk, a treetop walk!Photo: We were pretty high above the ground.Photo: Far ahead, my wife was.Photo: This AirWalk went on and on.Photo: Up ahead was the end of Tahune AirWalk (Cantilever) overlooking the river.Photo: This is a view from the cantilever.Photo: While I was busy taking photographs, so was my wife!Photo: Another view from the cantilever.Photo: We bid farewell to Tahune AirWalk and made our way back to the car, 80km from our motel.Photo: These trees are majestic.Photo: On our way out, we trekked through the woods.Photo: Looking back at the cantilever from ground level.Photo: We could only imagine what the function of this structure was to be.Photo: Our model of the day still looking fresh and alert.Photo: More bridges!Photo: Here we go again. Time to shake it up!Photo: A family photograph.Photo: One last photo before we left.Photo: The trees! Or what was left of.Photo: On our way back, we stopped from time to time and admired the scenery. Another seagull flew by.Photo: Back to civilization.