40 Photos - Nov 18, 2014
Photo: My wife and I have debated a little on which ferry to take to Bruny Island. We have picked 9.30’s one, which turns out to be a good choice.Photo: We have also debated a little on whether or not we shall drive our car into Bruny Island. Driving into the island also turns out to be a good decision!Photo: In Tasmania and in this season, the sun rises at 5. Hence this sleepy look.Photo: Looking back at the ferry station, we felt blessed that we got a space. Those who couldn’t get in would have to wait for another two hours for the next one to depart.Photo: We parked our car in the lower deck.Photo: I seldom see such giant truck from where I come from (Singapore). Set aside one that managed to fit inside a ferry!Photo: The trip took 25 minutes and cost A$30 (return).Photo: Bruny Island has quite a number of restaurants and bars for visitors to sample food and wine.Photo: Now, what about some fresh oyster tasting for breakfast?!Photo: Cynthia really likes this patio and has insisted to have her photographed right there. And I happily obliged.Photo: This stretch of the road was unpaved. And we drove with care. Once in a while a car drove passed me while I took this picture. I was covered in dust.Photo: At the “neck” (you will see), there is a lookout. So we got out of the car and checked it out.Photo: This is why it is called the “neck”.Photo: The view from the lookout is beautiful.Photo: We took a break, enjoying the scenery, the sun, and the fresh air.Photo: Soon after I took this photograph, another group of tourists was making their way up the stairs.Photo: The story behind this memorial is rather sad. Back when we were there, we still played Ingress. So I have submitted this as a portal not knowing that it exists.Photo: This is where we had lunch!Photo: Strawberry pancake. It was divine.Photo: The owner has plans to sell this restaurant away.Photo: St. Brendan’s Catholic Church only has one Mass a month. 4th Sunday monthly at 3pm.Photo: Catholic Churches mean a lot to my wife - and to me as well. She said she would like to take a picture with it for memory.Photo: I prefer this one though.Photo: As an island, it is surrounded by beaches, beautiful sea view everywhere we look.Photo: My wife loves to be one with the nature ...Photo: … until I disturb her of course.Photo: I hope Cynthia is happy with her hair in this photograph (private joke hehe).Photo: My wife drew something on the sand with this stick. As in what she has drawn ...Photo: I think Cynthia was buying time not to walk to the Southern Bruny Island National Park via the beach far ahead.Photo: There are quite a few scenic spots in Bruny Island.Photo: We have decided to take the 3.30pm ferry back to the mainland.Photo: We were led to the lower deck before the operators decided to move the lighter vehicles onto the upper deck. The rest of the lower deck was reserved for the gigantic trucks.Photo: Amazing precision. Look how close that truck was to our car.Photo: Back to the mainland, we visited St. Mary’s Cathedral.Photo: A view from inside the Cathedral.Photo: Coming from a country that is mostly flat, this hilly road is quite a sight to behold.Photo: Here is another shot, of this rather hilly town.Photo: We came here for dinner.Photo: Good hair day? :)Photo: Street art in Hobart.