11 Photos - Nov 16, 2014
Photo: A view from the Riverfront motel. Imagine our room was to face the river.Photo: Riverfront Motel very much resembles one of the motels we have started long time ago in MelbournePhoto: The wharf in Salamanca is beautiful.Photo: So is my wife … in her sleepy look.Photo: My wife and I still haven’t tried to go on cruise. Maybe one day.Photo: University of Tasmania, Centre for the Arts. Established since 1903!Photo: We walked pass Centre for the Arts and into the wharf.Photo: This is what one looks like when one has slept for 2 hours … on the plane.Photo: We have decided to dine in a seafood restaurant by the wharf, which also sells seafood for those who prefer to cook at home.Photo: He looks as though he is trying to tell us something. What? You are hungry too?Photo: Good food can do magic. These oysters, so fresh.