11 Photos - Nov 9, 2011
Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Cambodian scouts carry balloons during a ceremony marking the Independence Day in Phnom Penh on November 9, 2011. Cambodia was celebrating the 58th anniversary of its independence from France in 1953. TOPSHOTS  AFP PHOTO/TANG CHHIN SOTHY (Photo credit should read TANG CHHIN SOTHY/AFP/Getty Images) [PNG Merlin Archive]Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: VANCOUVER, BC:MARCH 24, 2013 -- A couple takes in the views of the city from the beaches of Spanish Banks in Vancouver, BC,  March, 24, 2013. (Richard Lam/PNG) (For ) [PNG Merlin Archive]Photo: Photo: Late afternoon light sets the city aglow in downtown Vancouver on December 21, 2011. (Mark van Manen/PNG)Photo: