17 Photos - Apr 17, 2012
Photo: @BlankSky- Corey Greeneltch, Art Director
“Space Shuttle Discovery”Photo: Jonathan HensleyPhoto: @mrulon- Malia Rulon Herman, Washington reporter

Landed safe and soundPhoto: Flanked by commercial planes, Discovery stands out!
by Malia RulonPhoto: @gregorykorte Gregory Korte, Wash. enterprise reporter
If you squint really hard, you can see it just to the right of the Washington Monument. http://pic.twitter.com/WvmX4VnvPhoto: The Discovery shuttle flight crew with VIPs: Sen.Patrick Leahy, Smithsonian Secretary Wayne Clough, director of National Air andSpace Museum J.R. "Jack" Dailey

Photo by: Malia RulonPhoto: @jfkucinich Jackie Kucinich, political reporter
The shuttle flys by the Washington bureauPhoto: Transportation Secretary Ray La Hood with Claire Jonas,10,of Herndon, Va. Claire saw the shuttle launch for it's last time, so it was extra special to watch it land at Dulles: "It was really cool. It was so big." 
Photo by: Malia RulonPhoto: @laurably Laura Bly 
Woot!! I just #spottheshuttlePhoto: @laurably Laura Bly (3)
Waiting to #SpotTheShuttle in Old Town Alexandria http://pic.twitter.com/ZEyFipZUPhoto: @Markdubya- Mark W. Smith, Senior Marketing Manager, Social Media
“Such a fun day at @usatoday: People at the windows and on the roof to see the shuttle.”Photo: @MelissaMHill- Melissa Hill, Manager at #Gannett #USATODAY, focusing on digital analytics and social analytics
#spottheshuttle http://pic.twitter.com/l2yeMxW3Photo: @Melissa Hill -? Melissa Hill 
Just saw the space shuttle fly by!!! http://pic.twitter.com/X3AqInWcPhoto: @mrulon- Malia Rulon Herman, Washington reporter
Waiting to #spottheshuttle on Dulles runway #ov103 http://instagr.am/p/JhbrRaSzRp/Photo: @mrulon- Malia Rulon Herman, Washington reporter 
Shuttle flying over DC now and I am still trying and trying to post my awesome photo from the Dulles flyover! #fail #spottheshuttle #OV103Photo: @ryansholin- Ryan Sholin, Director, UGC & Site Solutions at Gannett Digital. 
“I'm sure there will be many like this today, but this one's mine.”Photo: @Yamiche- Yamiche Alcindor, breaking news reporter
It's really far away but here's my pic.