51 Photos - Jun 27, 2011
Photo: Here's a photo by Frederick Van Johnson he got of me, Pete, and Curtis just after all of us landed on a glacier here in New Zealand.Photo: At Burning Man 2014 with Eric Cheng, Curtis Simmons, and Cliff BaisePhoto: Here's a funny re-mix of a photo by +Robin Griggs Wood!Photo: (Luke said I can use this as my profile photo - thanks Luke!)

I was walking across the desert just after a massive sandstorm, and out of the dust emerged another photographer. His name was +Luke Severn and he asked if he could take a photo, so while pulling up my brass goggles, he got this.Photo: A few days ago in Namibia at the Fish River Canyon... that's a quiver tree to my right, used to make arrows by the locals... that little plant to my right has poison inside of it that they use on the tips of the quivers... thx Curtis Simmons for taking this photo!Photo: *Sleeping in the Berber Desert Camp*

After my first long day in the Sahara, I ended up here with Berbers in their cozy desert camp. You can see me concentrating on my fire spell here. It gets so cold here at night... but the little slivers of ice could not get through my +1 Cloak of Warmth! The fire kept me nice and warm too... 

This is one of the only trees that was growing in the middle of the desert, so this is probably why they built their little camp here. I don't speak any Berber, except for the basic greetings and thank-you stuff... I do understand there are over 330 different dialects of Berber across Morocco and Algeria. They are a proud and interesting people!Photo: At a photowalk afterparty in Tokyo - thank you Takahiro-san for the photo!Photo: On a photowalk in Tokyo.Photo: In the rain at a PhotoWalk in Hawaii with Tom Anderson... photo by Dallas Nagata WhitePhoto: Giving a speech at Google Zeitgeist - the full video is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBFY1wCT0K4Photo: Thanks to everyone from Melbourne for the incredible event!Photo: A great PhotoWalk in LA on the beach with Tom Anderson and more!Photo: The crazy and awesome Google+ PhotoWalk in San Francisco... broke a world record!Photo: The Dallas PhotoWalk photo!Photo: Another fun photowalk at Burning Man.  I forgot which one this was... we've done it every year!Photo: After a fun talk at the SmugMug HQ.Photo: A photowalk in Austin Texas during SXSWPhoto: Another crazy San Francisco Photowalk!Photo: At Burning Man with my friend Tom :)Photo: With a gas mask on a heavy pollution day in Beijing, ChinaPhoto: At a waterfall in Nikko, Japan.Photo: The Great Leo Laporte says hi during a photowalk!Photo: In Zermatt Switzerland, looking at the Matterhorn.Photo: At an abandoned North Korean Prison.  Thanks Karen Hutton for the photo!Photo: A selfie in Marrakech.Photo: With the great Bradley Horowitz!  He's the nicest guy in the world... World's Most Interesting Man?  Maybe! haha :)Photo: With my friends Stu, Semele, and Curtis.  We're at my favorite secret pub in Arrowtown called The Blue Door.  This photo is pretty crazy, actually.Photo: Shooting in Hawaii.  Photo by Dallas Negata White!Photo: Speaking at TBEX The Future of Travel conference in Toronto.Photo: Having fun in Tokyo with the great Takahiro-san!Photo: A very fun photowalk in Brisbane, AustraliaPhoto: More fun in Tokyo!Photo: Doing a little Assassin's Creed action in Morocco...Photo: My son Ethan and I...  I love that boy! :)Photo: A great event and photowalk in Denver — thanks everyone — you guys rock!Photo: Another selfie in an old kasbah in Morocco.  This is actually where they filmed some of Gladiator... also one of the cities that Danerys conquered with her dragons...Photo: Flying the quadcopter in Sydney...Photo: Doing some paddleboard yoga in Bora Bora!  (I did not hold that position too long!)Photo: Out in the wild bits of southern China at ZjangjiajiePhoto: In Cambodia at Angkor WatPhoto: After a sandstorm blasted through me at Burning Man... (note the very clean and empty wine glass).  Thank you Eric Cheng for the photo!Photo: Getting off a chopper near my home in Queenstown, New Zealand.  Thanks to Choppy for the ride and the martini!  I got that jilaba while in Morocco... it's so warm and cozy.  I bought it in Fes and then in Marrakech had extra pockets sewn inside (like Kvothe) to hold all my lenses.Photo: I was at Burning Man talking with another photographer under a light sculpture while +Tom Anderson grabbed this photo.  Thanks Tom!Photo: Thank you to +Chris Chabot from Google for taking this photo - and thanks to +Marc Lavoy for making the coolest Google Glass !Photo: The London Photowalk many years ago!Photo: This was taken by a Russian friend in southern Argentina after we had backpacked about 40km through the Andes on a photography adventure. This is what I look like after she made me borscht for a solid week. My Russian roomate was a 300-pound beluga of a man who I shared a tent with one night. He smelled of gas and cognac. The next night I slept alone in my sleeping bag outside in the snow.Photo: Riding down to the Tube in LondonPhoto: Somewhere in CambodiaPhoto: I am the one on the rightPhoto: I forgot where I was, but Scott Kublin took this photo!Photo: When I got my Atari in 1977. - Trey Ratcliff