43 Photos - Jan 21, 2013
Photo: I think this will make a nice pattern.Photo: All stacked upPhoto: First set of holes. Nothing even close to straight.Photo: And now to start the very long task of filing.Photo: Photo: I drilled a smaller hole towards the tip, but I had to use the file mostly. My unsteady drilling hand was too risky.Photo: Close to straight.Photo: All filed out.Photo: Top 3 are done!Photo: Now for the hard part...Photo: I never even gave cutting carbon steel a thought until it came up. Destroyed a hack saw. Found a file worked pretty well.Photo: A file and a hammer that is.Photo: A great example of my expert drilling. That hole SHOULD be straight.Photo: After a total of probably 5 hours filing out that hole, I've got it all together.Photo: I built this little clamp specifically for this. Felt like a very bushcrafty thing to do.Photo: All glued together. I suspect I've used way too much epoxy.Photo: Trying out some handle designs on some soft wood.Photo: A whole lot more filing and it almost look like I know what I'm doing.Photo: I should not be allowed near a coping saw.Photo: Seriously.Photo: Taking shape...Photo: Photo: My son helps with some sanding. Yes, my garage is a total wreck.Photo: Photo: I love the shape the end is taking.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: We are fully round!Photo: Go away Epoxy!Photo: CloserPhoto: Almost...Photo: Perfect!Photo: Damn Dremel gets mean if you don't weild it right.Photo: Photo: I can't tell you how proud I am with this at this point.Photo: Photo: Photo: Brought down the top of the handle closer to the bolster. I ended up thinning out the handle a good bit too.Photo: Photo: Now for cleaning and oiling!Photo: Awwwww yeah!Photo: Feels good in the hand. Super happy with it.