38 Photos - Oct 18, 2012
Photo: We have to move a couple of trailers first.Photo: Just put it anywhere.Photo: Dad and brother start the foundation.Photo: Digging the footers.Photo: We're putting it on skids so we can move it if we need to.Photo: More digging.Photo: Is that a Home Depot delivery?Photo: Our little, private, campground.Photo: Gotta add some flooring.Photo: And the walls getting built.Photo: Going up!Photo: Throw a window in, if you will.Photo: It's coming together.Photo: Nice. Kind of tall though. HA!Photo: Odom's Idle Acres Campground.Photo: View from the roof.Photo: I told you we hoard trailers.Photo: Proud.Photo: Add some siding.Photo: Looking great on Day 2.Photo: It'll move.Photo: Tack it down.Photo: Ready for some roof.Photo: The sign says it all.Photo: Driveway.Photo: Added a circle drive for the coops.Photo: Landscaping is coming together.Photo: Grass is filling in.Photo: The view.Photo: A storage shed fit for a king.Photo: Not bad, huh?Photo: Great door. Rustic.Photo: Our first experience with SmartSide.Photo: Adding some shelves.Photo: More shelves.Photo: Perfect for what we need.Photo: And tools on the back.Photo: Lock down!