17 Photos - Jul 10, 2014
Photo: Pausing on the circular path up to the bridge over the railroad tracks to snap a picture. #throughglassPhoto: At the top of the bridge I spotted a peleton of bikers headed south. Luckily I was in time to capture the moment and Google liked it so much that they auto-awesomed it.Photo: The train pulled out just as we crossed the bridge #throughglassPhoto: #throughglassPhoto: #throughglassPhoto: A historical piece on the leveee #throughglassPhoto: Cerbie is very good at scurrying away from the camera. #cunningdog #throughglassPhoto: Evidently the SSP parks department decided it made more sense to send their staff through on truck rather than on bike - #pathhog #throughglassPhoto: #throughglassPhoto: Going under the 494 bridgePhoto: #throughglassPhoto: #throughglassPhoto: The railroad running past the old meat packing section of town. #throughglassPhoto: The bike/walking trail, heading home. #throughglassPhoto: Levee monument. #throughglassPhoto: Wonderful view of the Saint Paul skyline from the bridge over the railroad tracks. #throughglassPhoto: Lovely flowers at the entry