18 Photos - Mar 28, 2013
Photo: My husband and I are making a quick Walmart run to pick up a few ingredients for a couple of recipes I am making this week.  We aren't used to being out without our kiddos, having our in-laws in town for a couple of days was nice.  They spent quality time with our kids, and we got an unexpected date night.Photo: We recently made a commitment to change the way we eat to a much more healthy lifestyle.  Now, our diet is full of fresh fruits and veggies, loved seeing all the produce when we first walked in.  So colorful and inviting.Photo: First stop, fresh veggies!  I'm making Grilled Chicken Broccoli and Cabbage Salad this week and another soup recipe I'm attempting to copy from a restaurant I ate at in Dallas last week.  I'll need carrots for both.Photo: My husband and I absolutely love cabbage and broccoli.  I was happy with the selection and glad to see everything was hydrated.  You can even see the water droplets on the cabbage.Photo: In addition to green peppers we also picked up a package of yellow, red, and orange peppers.  The Grilled Chicken Broccoli and Cabbage salad is going to be very colorful.Photo: I found the Tyson Grilled & Ready Chicken Breasts in the refrigerated section.  I'm really looking forward to trying this out, as one of our biggest challenges in our new quest to eat healthier is making meals on the go since both of our kids play sports.Photo: Love this display, it definitely got my attention when I was walking from the produce to the refrigerated section.Photo: Found it!  I was really happy to find a wide variety of flavors.Photo: Not an easy task to narrow down.  I ended up going with the Southwestern and the regular Chicken Breast Strips.Photo: Next step, salad dressing.  I really like how this Walmart is laid out with some of the refrigerated items close to the front of the store near the produce.  Made my trip much quicker, a good thing since it was date night.Photo: Wow!  Could there be more variety?  Thankfully, I knew what I was looking for low-fat Vinaigrette and low-fat Dijon salad dressing.Photo: I also found great deals on boneless skinless chicken breasts and bone-in chicken breasts.  Both were over $3 off!  Yea for savings.  I needed the bone-in chicken breasts to make soup this week.  In addition to cabbage, peppers, broccoli, carrots, onion, and salad dressing I needed for the Grilled Chicken, Broccoli and Cabbage Salad I also picked up squash and zucchini for the soup.Photo: All the ingredients together - it already looks healthy.Photo: I started chopping my veggies before I realized this was a job for my food processor.Photo: Much easier!!  I forgot how much I love my food processor.Photo: I cannot tell you how delicious this smells.  It feels so good to feed my family all these veggies.My husband and kids loved it.Photo: This recipe turned out amazing.  Even better after allowing the veggies to soak up the salad dressing overnight.Photo: You can find this recipe by clicking the following link:

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