39 Photos - Apr 29, 2012
Photo: MargeritePhoto: HBF view to south SOOCPhoto: SOOC w/ pol-filter Soya Pro 1 Digital (medium)Photo: SOOC no filterPhoto: backlit
shot against the sun
with Hoya Pro 1 digital circular PL #polarising #filter set to max

#SOOCPhoto: Mr. Soft blowball

Kormac - Mr Soft

straight out of the camera for #SOOCSunday 
by +Jen Baptist and +John KosmopoulosPhoto: imperfect is perfect
The sun is shining for everyone ...
DJ Krush and Toshinori Kondo - The Sun Is Shining

#SOOC for +SOOC Sunday hosted by +Jen Baptist and +John KosmopoulosPhoto: cake anyone?

who brings the coffee?

an initial shot from @work;)

#SOOC except convert from .nef to .jpgPhoto: play of light

.. für Christa ;)

good morning to all pluskins! Have a wonderful day!

#soocsunday  / +SOOC Sunday by +Jen Baptist and +John Kosmopoulos Photo: hidden Buddha

my little contribution for #zensunday / +Zen Sunday
by +Charlotte Therese Björnström +Nathan Wirth and +Simon Kitcher

and for #soocsunday / +SOOC Sunday except convert to .jpg
by +Jen Baptist and +John Kosmopoulos 

Lee Buddah - Feuamelda
Feuamelda = german slang-ish for 'fire alarm box', according to the colour of the flower (and the band's name had to sort of fit also of course ;))Photo: look down

ha! a colour picture! ... :)
Portishead - The Rip

no crop, not processed, no nothing ... #SOOC for +SOOC Sunday by +Jen Baptist and +John Kosmopoulos Cheers!Photo: gruene TomatePhoto: ...streifen // ...stripe
a snippet of milled stripes, to be found in every Munich subway station.
These stripes are for the blind people to help them navigate with their stick, along the subway platform.

german only, sorry found no en-version:

shot this afternoon (yes unfortunately I had to take the subway) and plain #sooc except convert and crop.Photo: engine of an Airbus A319
of the British Airways

just found the Theme #metallicmonday / +#MetallicMonday by +Thomas Raschbacher, my first contribution.

Sunday Munich going back

#sooc  Photo: illuminated hotel window
Trebovir Road, London.

for #windowwednesday / +#Window Wednesday
by +Cheryl Cooper +Jason Kowing +J.J. Bentley +Catherine Furet and +Jules Falk Hunter ... #sooc 

flunk - all my dreams on hold ... have a good night! :)Photo: what?? a flower?? but of course!!

a yellow rose for +Tamara Pruessner's +FloralFriday / #floralfriday , and because there is still some space left for some more #hashtags , also for +Lucille Galleli's +YisforYellow / #yisforyellow ... hmmm ... what else can I add ... ahh! #sooc 

GusGus - Believe it or not, #Idontcare ;)Photo: the web ... backlight

animated by a conversation with +Richard Kralicek  and +Markus Landsmann I want to share this #sooc photo with +Fotoamateur, by +Remo Primatesta +Karsten Meyer +Scotti van Palm and +Markus Landsmann ... my first contribution to #fotoamateur :)
(keine Gefangenen! ;))Photo: just a little / nur ein kleiner
teaser for / für +André Roßbach  :)

Miusha - Out of mind

photographed this evening, #SOOC except crop and convertPhoto: the last one out turns off the lights ...
that two-legged has finally left... all mine now!

#ratsview #sooc 
Lamb - Darkness

(photographed in our company as I left the building this evening)Photo: On the road with my brother this morning, a little drive by shot, in the very early sunshine. Autumn is clearly visible these days ...

For all friends out here, have a great time!

Christian Zehnder - ho hej hohu

#SOOC ... #goodnight !Photo: Grafitti 01Photo: Grafitti 02Photo: Grafitti 02Photo: Grafitti 04Photo: AntifaPhoto: motion blurPhoto: wallpaintingPhoto: panningPhoto: reflectionsPhoto: Deutsches MuseumPhoto: LEPhoto: SculpturePhoto: DHL Tower, Bonn, above the RhinePhoto: DHL Tower, Bonn, closePhoto: fast forward to AprilPhoto: Mom's tulipPhoto: 14.05.18 - sooc - for UwePhoto: 15.04.12 - soocPhoto: life is good  :-)

#sooc (except some lens spot repairs)

(Inner City - Good Life)