32 Photos - Mar 26, 2012
Photo: mushroomPhoto: another mushroomPhoto: mushrooms unsharpPhoto: mushrooms galorePhoto: Le Jardin de mon frère ...
automne ... graminée et champignon
autumn ... grass and mushroom

Badgers ... :DPhoto: Le Jardin de mon frère
automne ... if commun
autumn ... taxus

Waldeck - Amicalement Votre

Taxus = Eibe (german) ... that's where our family name comes from.Photo: drip and dropPhoto: g/b tree

the same backyard as the former picture (the last shine)
before the thunderstorm and before the nightlite ... Bonobo - Nightlite (Featuring Bajka)

LR 3.6 and PSE 10 ... this one is a bit weird^^ ;)Photo: cherries

I moved so I pay ... +Daniela Münch :D

shot a couple of minutes before ... ;) These won't survive this night.Photo: where are you hiding?

for #treetuesday - +Tree Tuesday 
hosted by +Christina Lawrie and +Shannon S. Myers (-:

Blicq - Civil PulsePhoto: I want to share this tree stub for the #treetuesday Theme by +Tree Tuesday, curated by +Christina Lawrie and +Shannon S. Myers.
This rest of a very old tree (shot in my neighbourhood) deserves to be preserved that way (imho).
This image is #SOOC , no crop, no resize, no nothing (except g+ auto-resize).
Enjoy the day!Photo: watch and listen to the amazing guys
nathan flutebox lee and Beardyman

Nathan "Flutebox" Lee and Beardyman @ Google, London
... yay!

#beatbox #beardymanPhoto: color variationPhoto: mossy stemPhoto: bumfuzzeld branches colorPhoto: branch 02Photo: branch 01Photo: little color/saturation tweakPhoto: webPhoto: Le Jardin de mon frère ...
automne ... feuilles après la pluie
autumn ... leaves after the rainPhoto: ... more mushrooms?
... boring!
yes I know ...


#goodnight ... see you at the photowalk in Cologne tomorrow! ... :)Photo: office window view - plantPhoto: office window view - backlightPhoto: withstandingPhoto: Mom's balcony, sunflower stemPhoto: just hanging aroundPhoto: 14.03.08 - Mom's peartree budsPhoto: King Crimson - I Talk To The Wind (HQ)

for +Erik Larson cheers mate and keep smiling :) ... moinmoin!Photo: 14.06.08 - mom's Zucchini'sPhoto: Morning!

#tgif :)Photo: 14.07.06 - green tomatoesPhoto: 15.06.21 - nothing special