45 Photos - Mar 17, 2012
Photo: offene Blende und Blümchen und Farbe^^
gewöhnt Euch nicht dran, wird nicht oft kommen :p

von einem wundervollen Abend mit Jürgen heute, oh und datt Dingens muss in die Mitte, sagt Jürgen, also schön ... bitte ;)Photo: 15.06.06 - from Mom's balconyPhoto: 14.11.15 - cheesyPhoto: 14.06.19 - RJ - Gänseblümchen / daisyPhoto: 14.06.19 - RJ - life is goodPhoto: 14.05.18 - chez mom's balconyPhoto: 14.05.18 - wild chivesPhoto: 14.04.26 - (...)Photo: 14.04.05 - floralPhoto: 14.03.30 - some tulipsPhoto: Mom's lilyPhoto: Mom's lily, another onePhoto: 13.09.13 Mom's balconyPhoto: Mom's sunflowerPhoto: PJ miniwalk - some flowersPhoto: green stuff ...
photographed on our recent photowalk in Wuerzburg. The engaged photographer in the background is +Rainer M. Ritz ... ;)
I love how his outfit fits into the scene :)

#floralfriday / +FloralFriday by +Tamara Pruessner ... I haven't contributed for a while^^
#wuerzburgphotowalk #würzburgphotowalkPhoto: peek-a-booPhoto: passionflower
photographed at mom's balcony this evening ...

This is for all friends out there, I'm away during the next few days and will be rarely online.
Heading now to my best freind +Michael Schmidt aka +Pixelschmidt to assist him in a weddingshoot and to document this with my cam.
Have a great time dear pluskins and see/read you in a couple of days again!

Jon Gomm - Passionflower ... an amazing musician!

#floralfriday / +FloralFriday / #evilcropPhoto: field flowersPhoto: blue
it's friday, right?
riiiight ...
thank god!
and ... it's quitting time!

and it's time for #floralfriday / +FloralFriday
by the wonderful +Tamara Pruessner :)Photo: dribblePhoto: the colour version of that rose ;)

St Germain - Rose rouge

My first contribution for the +Dead Flower Society ... yay!
it was about time ...

that's all for today ... have a good night / day!Photo: red alertPhoto: tapis dès fleursPhoto: wild rose

Lamb - One

... it is a wild rose isn't it?Photo: a rose

my litle contribution for +Tamara Pruessner and for #floralfriday  by +FloralFriday 

Fey - Romeo & Juliet

have a wonderful day!Photo: water lily 

another shot from a friends garden pond.
I like the reflection here, so you have to deal with another one of these ;)

http://vimeo.com/6143315Photo: water lily

ok let's have some eyecandy ...

nekta - water the flowers

shot a couple of days before in a friends garden pond ...Photo: there's no need to

Kosheen ☛Catch

Have a good night / day!Photo: rose rouge colour

St Germain - Rose Rouge

we had a training event today and they decorated one(!) window with this rose.
I could not resist to take a photo and thought that may fit to the #floralfriday Theme by +FloralFriday by +Tamara Pruessner.
Well at least my colleagues had some fun watching me ...

edit: typoPhoto: variantPhoto: colorPhoto: bad mood

got a cold ... little feverish ... hate it ... this image pretty much describes it ... but ... this will end soon ... there is a little light at the horizon ... :)

Nina Hagen-Heiss
the lyrics doesn't really fit here^^Photo: Dandel col.Photo: a little bouquet
shot while we had a rest during the fashion probe yesterday evening
sadly the last sunbeams were already gone ...

03. Madonna - Ray Of Light [Ray Of Light Album]Photo: grin grain effect

my little contribution for #floralfriday -theme by +FloralFriday,
curated by +Tamara Pruessner

you need a silo for all that grain^^

enjoy the day!Photo: sorbPhoto: sorb branchPhoto: Turn your back on me

St Germain - Deep In It

Good morning/day/evening/night to you out there! (-:Photo: Green is the colour of life ... it says ...

nice tune:
Bonobo - Nightlite feat. Bajka

#floralPhoto: Someone has left the light on ...

(heavy Lightroom 3.6 adjustments)

Urban Species Feat Imogen Heap - Blanket

#floralPhoto: never seen blue
for the #floralfriday -Theme by +FloralFriday, curated by +Tamara Pruessner.

Tori Amos - Never Seen Blue

Enjoy the day!Photo: gloomy weather here ...

Tori Amos - Precious Things

#floral #flowersPhoto: to bring tulips to Amsterdam ... (or so)Photo: Lightroom 3.6 color adjustment and vignetting effects (.NEF)