45 Photos - Oct 23, 2013
Photo: Each student gets a wee folder and some note paper / pen to write their notes :)Photo: The setup before the pitchers arrived - Park Hotel Kilmarnock training room.Photo: Ready for class Park Hotel, Kilmarnock - 10 Oct 2013Photo: Hello Lanarkshire!

First time in the Atrium. Excited!Photo: Interesting the request to help link it altogether.

Mental note made...Photo: Spread away my friend, spread away!Photo: Glad to hear it :-)Photo: More than expected? Really? Awesome....!! Wish every attendee walked away feeling this way! :)Photo: "very informative, helped to understand how to get the best from social media." - Intro to Social Media course.Photo: Woot Woot - loved that.

*Smiles*Photo: Beautiful Night - Business Gateway West Dunbartonshire - @BGwestdunPhoto: Beautiful Titan Building - Business Gateway West Dunbartonshire - @BGwestdunPhoto: Wee shot from Great Scot Photography's Stewart Cunningham (@greatscotphoto) from New Start Scotland. My Linkedin talk...Photo: Social Media Overview: "Enthusiastic trainer" - sure I'll take that :)Photo: Love that it was "better" than expected! :)Photo: "Better than expected" - Love it. :)Photo: Photo: POSITIVE FEEDBACK

Boy, I wish all my feedback were this lovely! Made my night that! As any trainer knows though you canny please every one....(doesn't stop me trying!) ;)Photo: Some Emerging Technology in Springburn. Great bunch of guys up there. This was part one of the course last week - next week is part two!Photo: Photo: After a FULL DAY of Social Media Training this really made my day!  :)

Glad to have people thinking about their own Social Media attempts going forward.Photo: Training for Business Gateway Ayrshire.Photo: A lovely morning delivering training on Linkedin to some fabulous SMEs down in Ayr!

#Linkedin #Business Gateway #Bgateway #AyrshirePhoto: Photo: Photo: Feedback on the Full Day Social Media Course - March 7, 2014 - Pentagon Centre.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: "in depth knowledge & enthusiasm of trainer was excellent". - http://www.glatitude.co.ukPhoto: Photo: Photo: "Yes it was very good, Thea knows her stuff..." and "Thea is very good at what she does and look forward to going to her other classes."Photo: Photo: Just packing up to return to work this morning. Getting all the leads, chargers and accessories together. A one-day work week. Like it. :)

Today it's "Get Real Results from your Website" in HIllington!Photo: FIREMEN!
This was the scene in the middle of my 'Get Real Results from Your Website" course on Friday morning. Yep, clearing the building at Hillington Innovation Centre. The ladies on the course were rather excited at the sight of several firemen :)

+Business GatewayPhoto: Put today's Dunoon delegates through their paces - in a full day of Social Media Training and Strategy. This is a wee shot from the afternoon. See them all hard at work :)Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Wow "Outstanding" - nice one... LOL. Also "fantastic" and "dynamic", andPhoto: FACEBOOK FEEDBACK FOR ME
Feedback for today's Business Gateway Ayrshire course on Facebook in Ayr was pretty non-eventful. It went well. Great group of people but the feedback was pretty standard - but this one made my day! This from the lovely woman who calls it "Faceache" which made me smile too! Tomorrow's gonna be Linkedin then my workload really starts to taper. Phew - not a moment too soon... #exhausted !!

#lovemywork   #socialmediatrainingreviews   #facebookmarketing   #ayrshirePhoto: Anyone buying their wife, mum or gran a new Phone or Tablet for Mother's Day this weekend? I'm doing a special training offer - good this week only! Get 2 hours, bespoke training for the price of one! Offer good for iPads, Android and Kindles too. Must be near Glasgow (will possibly go further afield upon request). Message me for info! Or call 0141 416 1492. Thanks