62 Photos - Jan 22, 2012
Photo: Arles - France

I start today with #StreetArtSunday picture curated by +Luís Pedro , +Peter Tsai and +Mark Seymour (hope I didn't forget anybody ;-) )

Have a nice sunday :-)Photo: Miroir

#StreetArtSaturday or #StreetArtSunday (?) curated by
+Luís Pedro & +Peter Tsai & +Mark Seymour 
#streetSaturday by +Siddharth PanditPhoto: Surveillance rapprochée

#StreetArtSunday curated by +Luís Pedro & +Peter Tsai & +Mark SeymourPhoto: A deux on peindra le monde..

"Ma vie c'est moi qui vais la peindre, alors je vais y mettre le feu en ajoutant plein de couleurs." [Grand Corps Malade]

Today is coloured day so I have to contribute at street art because It's a great way to express ourself especially for our young people !
As he says : "My life I'm the one who will paint it, so I'll set it on fire by adding colorful." (G. Corps Malade)

Have a nice sunday and I can not thank enough all those who follow me and +1 me. Many thank again !

#StreeArtSunday by +Luís Pedro +Peter Tsai 
#ShadowsOnSunday by +André Roßbach and +Daniel GraupnerPhoto: Kesa

Well I won't miss street art because it's always great to see them painting and sunday become colorful...

Have a nice sunday and don't forget the famous +Shoes Monday curated by +Laura Harding and +Olga Kafka... it's for tomorrow :-))

#streetartsunday curated by +Luís Pedro and +Peter TsaiPhoto: Une photographe sur le mur !

Few days ago I went to see à Jam graffitis in Arles, many crew of the south were there... This one for you, to blink every photographers on G+ !
Have a nice sunny week end.

#streetartsunday by +Luís Pedro, +Peter Tsai and +Mark SeymourPhoto: Twister

You don't know yet Twister... well he is my little traveling companion ! One day he fell into a pot of paint and since he loves to hide here and there, play with paint and especially do stupid things while I'm taking photos!

Have a nice and colorful sunday :-)

Here is our contribution to #streetartsunday (+Luís Pedro, +Peter Tsai & +Mark Seymour)Photo: Always present for #streetartsunday curated by our frenchy +Luís Pedro, +Peter Tsai and +Mark Seymour 

Have a nice sunday friends... :-)Photo: Grmbl ! Grmbl !

What day we are?
I have a headache and the worst it is that I do not find any more my shoes, how I am going to make?
And ladys #shoesMonday are above going to jump me from tomorrow morning!
Help ! Please help me finding my shoes !! ;-)

This for #streetartsunday (+Luís Pedro, +Peter Tsai, +Mark Seymour)Photo: Un jour je construirai une grande ville...
One day I would build a big city..

My contribution for #streetartsunday (+Luís Pedro, +Peter Tsai, +Mark Seymour)Photo: Another streetart to begin sunday with colours. Hope you a nice Easter, be careful with chocolate :-)

#streetartsunday (+Luís Pedro, +Peter Tsai, +Mark Seymour)Photo: L'éponge

"Nous sommes un peu comme des éponges qui aspirons la vie sans le savoir et qui la rendons ensuite, transformée, sans connaître le travail d'alchimie qui s'est produit en nous." (Georges Simenon)

"We are little as sponges who inhale the life without knowing it and who return it then, transformed, without knowing the work of alchemy which occurred in us."

#streeartsunday (+Luís Pedro +Peter Tsai +Mark Seymour)
#streetphotographyPhoto: Hello G+ friends, I hope that your Sunday takes place marvelously.
Have you noticed, the girl on the photo? she lost something, she woke up this morning, well I should say this after noon, after festive night. :)
If you find what she lost, thank you for bringing it to us tomorrow.
Yes tomorrow it is on Monday ! You still don't know what there is every Monday?
OMG +Bernd Schaefers +Laura Harding +Olga Kafka can you explain what happens on Monday, I have to go at work... :-(

My contribution for #streetartsunday (+Luís Pedro, +Peter Tsai)Photo: Pssiiit les filles, suis là
Hey girls, com'on

Have a nice sunday !

My contribution for this week #streeartsunday curated by our frenchy +Luís Pedro and +Peter Tsai +Mark Seymour :)Photo: De l'autre côté... la vie !
On the other side... the life !

#steetartsunday (+Luís Pedro & +Peter Tsai)
#streetphotography #silhouettePhoto: Derrière le mur se cachent d'autres réalités...
Behind the wall hide the other realities...

This for #streeartsunday by +Luís Pedro +Peter Tsai +Mark Seymour 
Also for #streetpics #streetshots 
(NYC)Photo: 13:30 The MS Television Network

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, here Pam of hip-hop Up.
Today I have the honor and the pleasure to present you a very important person, I think that you guessed that it is about our dear Madame Shoes and of her adorable slaves of Monday +Laura Harding +Olga Kafka +Bernd Schaefers & +terry fabre

Tomorrow, all the world is invited to win the trust of Madam Shoes, master in the art of the shoe not as the others. All style, color is accepted.

Come numerous to participate and to play with us +Shoes Monday !

Free entry
Drink and snack bar
DJ: "You and we" (RnB - Hip-hop - Soul)

Enjoy your day....

#streeartsunday by +Luís Pedro +Peter Tsai

(NYC)Photo: Love... 'cause it's essential...

My listening of moment : Little Girl Blue, Janis Joplin

#streeartsunday  by +Luís Pedro +Peter Tsai +Mark Seymour Photo: RIP to JMJ

I wish you all a nice sunday, and I take advantage to thank you for your presence and all your supporting comments and plusses on my past days pictures.

This is for my contribution for #streetartsunday   by +Luís Pedro +Peter Tsai and +Mark Seymour Photo: Dans mon jardin...
In my garden...

#streetartsunday  by +Luís Pedro +Peter Tsai +Mark Seymour 
(Lyon)Photo: Anybody saw my tie?

My contribution to #streetartsunday  by +Luís Pedro +Peter Tsai +Mark Seymour 

(Arles)Photo: Un mur, un autre monde !
A wall, another world !

It has been a long time since I haven't put here of painted wall, here is a photo made in NY.
Wish you a nice sunny sunday all G+friends :)

For #streetartsunday  (by +Luís Pedro +Peter Tsai +Mark Seymour)Photo: NYC - Williamsburg 2012Photo: Esquisse
Peindre, peindre,
Toujours peindre
Encore peindre
Le mieux possible, le vide et le plein
Le léger et le dense
Le vivant et le souffle.
[Zao Wou-Ki]

Paint, paint,
Always paint
Still paint
As good as possible,  the space and the height
The light and the dense
The alive and the breath.

#streetartsunday    __Photo: Playground

#streetartsunday  (+Luís Pedro +Peter Tsai +Mark Seymour)
(Montpellier)Photo: Le Dahu

The dahu is a legendary creature well known in France, Switzerland and the north of Italy.
French pranksters often describe the dahu as a mountain goat-like animal with legs of different sides having differing lengths to fit the mountain's side. (Wikipedia source)

Wish you all a nice sunny, fresh sunday :-)

#streetartsunday  (+Luís Pedro +Peter Tsai +Mark Seymour)
(Lyon)Photo: Sur mon mur je peins une fleur pour qu'un jour elle prenne sa liberté en franchissant la fenêtre, ouverture de tous les possibles...

On my wall I paint a flower so that one day it takes its freedom by crossing the window, the opening of all the possible...

Wish you all a nice sunday.

#streetartsunday  Photo: C 215

I wish you all a nice sunday...

This is a special dedicace to +Luís Pedro :-)

#streetartsunday  Photo: So what would you say now ?

Wish you all a nice sunday, here the cold settled down for good!

(NYC)Photo: "Ignore the stares"

#streetartsunday   #streetphotography 
(Montpellier)Photo: Graffiti Comixs

Always beautiful discoveries in my usual playground....
For #streetartsunday   #graffitistreetart   #graffitiart  Photo: What's going on over there?
Is it the general strike against communities?

just teasing  ;-)

Have a great sunday...

#streetartsunday   #streetphotography  Photo: Miracle

Tomorrow we shall be on Monday and besides on December 31st, thus the last day of the year to enclose our beautiful gallery of shoes...

To you to make that it's a wonderful day so Madam +Shoes Monday  can have a wonderful New Year  Eve with some champagne ;-)

This for #shoesmonday  curated by our lovely slaves +Laura Harding +Olga Kafka +Mee Ming Wong +Pablo Luis Gonzalez  brotha +Bernd Schaefers  +Thomas Andersen and... moi ^^
Also for #streetartsunday  by +Luís Pedro Photo: Arts de la rue...

Just a reminder to get your shoes shot ready for #ShoesMonsday !
+Shoes Monday is curated by +Laura Harding +Olga Kafka +Mee Ming Wong +Pablo Luis Gonzalez +Thomas Andersen brotha +Bernd Schaefers and moi ^^

Com'on all G plussers lets ... Rock and Roll - Lets twist again - Chubby Checker

Also for #streetartsunday  by +Luís Pedro Photo: Mixity

#streetartsunday   #streetphotography   #peopleandlife   #peoplearoundus  Photo: MontpellierPhoto: Sexy lady
Move your body crazy you now be my sexy lady
Sexy lady, sexy lady
Follow me, yeah we got it
Let's get this party started...party started

Javi Mula - Sexy Lady (Official Video)

Happy sunday G+ friends and get ready for #shoesmonday  if you look at the clip you might see Madame ShoesMonday in her favorite color... ;-)

#streetartsunday  Photo: Makes a long time I haven't post a Street art pic and today I need colors in my mind....
Have a nice sunday....

Inner Circle-Bad Boys (Official Video Clip) HQ

#streetartsunday   #streetpics   #streetphotography  Photo: The people calls for a return to the street

Wish you all a nice week end

#streetphotography   #fujigirl  Photo: Le scarabée

It's sunday, so it's also street art...

#streetphotography   #streetart   #fujigirl  Photo: My painting wall...

Wish you all a nice week.

For #shoesmonday  peeps that I don't forget :-)
#streetphotography   #fujigirl  Photo: Trapped behind bars, this unknown face seems to dislike what he sees outside ... all those inequalities !

just thinking about it

#streetartsunday   #streetphotography   #fujigirl  Photo: [...]

#streetartphotography   #fujigirl  Photo: [Dire 132]

A special bag for the #bagswednesday  peeps...
#streetart   #fujigirl  Photo: [ Good morning ]

#streetart   #fujigirl  Photo: [H.B SASA by Lady Sonp]

A special #bagswednesday  in color and in music, it was my first meet with a girl street artist, and I really enjoy that graff session.
Also a #capsandhatswednesday  of course ;-)

#streetart   #nikonlover  Photo: [Street Art]

David Guetta - Shot Me Down ft. Skylar Grey (Lyric Video)

Wish you a lovely sunday...

#streetart   #nikonlover  Photo: [C215]

#streetartphotography   #fujigirllookingaround  Photo: [ Street Art ]

A mix of paint and music, freedom of expression !
Wish you all a nice sunday G+ people :-)

#streetart  Photo: [ Seth ]

Wish you all a restfull, happy and colored sunday !

#streetart   #fujigirlcolorday  Photo: [Help Me ]

#intotheprohibitedhouse  Photo: Seoul

.... streetart & happy sunday ;-))

#streetphotography   #streetartphotography  Photo: [Jeaze Lollipop]

Mika - Lollipop - live at Eden Sessions 2010

#streetartphotography   #intotheprohibitedhouse  Photo: Seoul Streetart

...  with a big heart to wish you a lovely sunday :-)

#streetphotography   #streetart   #fujigirlinseoul  Photo: Seoul
... looking for shoes ?

An early entry for #shoesmonday  as is also #streetartsunday 
#streetphotography   #fujigirlinseoul  Photo:  
Here's my 3/5 post for the #fivedayblackandwhitechallenge 
Challenge  that +miyuki kurosaki & +Mark Forman  called me out on.

Seems easy enough ... just need to post a B+W image each day for the next five days.Tag someone to join in with each post.

Would you like to join us Cher +Morgan Tiphagne (suis sûre que tu trouveras les curseurs  n&b ^_^)

#streetphotography   #fujigirlframinglife   #streetart  Photo: Here's my 3/5 post for the #fivedayblackandwhitechallenge 
Challenge  that +miyuki kurosaki & +Mark Forman  called me out on.

Seems easy enough ... just need to post a B+W image each day for the next five days.Tag someone to join in with each post.

Would you like to join us Cher +Morgan Tiphagne   (suis sûre que tu trouveras les curseurs  n&b ^_^)

Also #bagswednesday     and #capsandhatswednesday      .... Pfff we are allready on wednesday :-)

#streetphotography   #streetart  Photo: Oups!

Found this far away and had a thought for +Crina Prida... ;-)
Wish you all a nice sunday Googlers.

#streetartsunday   #keepyourclotheson   #fujigirlinHK  Photo: The sunday rendez-vous

Long time I haven't post any #streetart  here, but +Margot M 's and +Uwe Duwe's posts made me think about... #allthingsred  and #flowerpower  so what else ?  ;-)

Have a great relax sunday all googlers friends.

#streetartphotography  Photo: *Nikita"


Good sunday evening googlers..

#streetart   #streetartsunday   #fujigirlplayingincolors  Photo: Chica que bonita  "What a pretty girl"

Here is my last find for #shoesmonday  team and also for #allthingsred  Happy monday to you all..

#streetphotography   #streetart  Photo: Is it a kinda Big sista is watching you? 
Found this graff on a door in Montpellier, can't read the autor name...

Have a nice sunday my friends.