134 Photos - Jul 13, 2014
Photo: my work-in-progress. afghan i'm making for our queen-sized bed.  July 2014.Photo: new office furniturePhoto: more office furniturePhoto: Volunteering at Clara Muhammad School to help set up their library - empty shelvesPhoto: i know this is blurry, but another "before" photoPhoto: we find a globe. Jay points to TNPhoto: getting books out of boxesPhoto: he tells me "i think you should put this in 'science'."  roger that!Photo: yes - I could be down with using Twizzlers to learn percentages. :-)  In the back we see the sorting beginning to happenPhoto: somewhat of a start...Photo: getting the textbooks and workbooks organizedPhoto: Kaleya being trained to be the "librarian"Photo: textbooks and workbooks done!Photo: Fiction books. Grouped by author last names. This is the O-Z section and Kaleya's already learned where the Magic Tree House serices is :-)Photo: more fiction. A-F author surnamesPhoto: science, history, social studies books & workbooks.Photo: Kaleya explaining where books are locatedPhoto: Kaleya explains how the check-out log will workPhoto: Photo: Kalonji and I were honored to be a part of the evening. Kaleya and her classmates did a great job with their speeches.Photo: Photo: at the open housePhoto: lovely table decoration. of course the kids wanted to take it home.Photo: they wanted this one too!Photo: looks like she is enjoying that drum!Photo: Fall Festival Fun!Photo: Helping celebrate her bday!Photo: Photo: These three haven't been together in awhile :-)Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: the entertainers waive byePhoto: the cannonPhoto: elephantsPhoto: elephantsPhoto: elephantsPhoto: a balancing actPhoto: the tigers about to go through rings of firePhoto: bringing the tigers outPhoto: photo with a clownPhoto: and they have the snakePhoto: Photo: oh yeah! I held a snake :-)Photo: Q on the elephantPhoto: the elephants waiting for ridersPhoto: a slidePhoto: In front of the circus signPhoto: Q making things in MinecraftPhoto: Kaleya tries to convince us we need this Christmas TreePhoto: we were playing around with some rollersPhoto: Miles working!Photo: Happy 10th birthday to Kaleya!Photo: Kaleya's Monster High RugPhoto: Painting Kalonji commissioned this painting for Kaleya. Two of her favorite things - rainbows and Dr. Who's  TARDISPhoto: Photo: in the vanPhoto: Sadie & Kaleya wrote their name on the sidewalkPhoto: picking up Kaleya's cakePhoto: piled on the bed watching TVPhoto: Yaz is relaxed!Photo: playing cardsPhoto: Yaz getting nails paintedPhoto: the birthday cakePhoto: playing and talkingPhoto: Yaz plays dollsPhoto: Lou paints her own nailsPhoto: going goodnightPhoto: Sadie paitns Kaleya's nailsPhoto: card games this morningPhoto: new friendsPhoto: the boys - why is Kalonji making rabbit ears over Jihad?Photo: time for breakfastPhoto: beautiful ladiesPhoto: at the Walden Pumpkin FarmPhoto: at the Walden Pumpkin FarmPhoto: group selfie!Photo: things to look for on the hay ridePhoto: seen on the hay ridePhoto: spider web in the tree - seen on the hay ridePhoto: seen on the hay ridePhoto: seen on the hay ridePhoto: seen on the hay ridePhoto: ghost in the bathtubPhoto: eww..stinky!Photo: in the hay mazePhoto: in the hay mazePhoto: beautiful peacockPhoto: chickenPhoto: Yaz with the chickensPhoto: Yaz and Lou with the turkeyPhoto: group picPhoto: the girlsPhoto: the guysPhoto: Love this picture!!Photo: Lou and YazPhoto: Learn how a pumpkin growsPhoto: outside Creepy Corner. Will they go in?Photo: on top of the hay mountainPhoto: on the hay mountainPhoto: Yaz comes out the slidePhoto: heading into Creepy CornerPhoto: getting ready to go in the corn mazePhoto: navigating through the corn mazePhoto: yes! we made it out!Photo: playing with cornPhoto: prepping to feed the goatPhoto: the goat nibbles from Kaleya and Yaz's handsPhoto: washing hands at the wellPhoto: farm animalsPhoto: a farmer and a pumpkinPhoto: a farmer and a pumpkinPhoto: sisters as a farmer and a pumpkinPhoto: Photo: Photo: taking measurementsPhoto: say cheese!Photo: in the pumpkin patchPhoto: these pumpkins are betterPhoto: pumpkin Kaleya and Jihad paintedPhoto: Happy Halloween from Rainbow Dash (of My Little Pony) and Scary ClownPhoto: creepy spidersPhoto: a witch and her cauldronPhoto: oh look! we ran into another Rainbow Dash!Photo: Booooooo!