61 Photos - Sep 15, 2013
Photo: On the bus to go the park. It was Kaleya's first time riding a city bus. It was like an adventure to her. :-)Photo: more presentsPhoto: getting ready for the egg racePhoto: the finish line of the egg racePhoto: all the kidsPhoto: sitting in the dragon's mouthPhoto: sitting in the dragon's mouthPhoto: more play on the dragonPhoto: climbingPhoto: Q and I under a part of the dragonPhoto: on the bridgePhoto: surrounding the birthday girlPhoto: Nashville City Cemetery - didn't get to go to the Living History Tour today, but I will be coming back later. Still haven't been here.Photo: outside the Adventure Science CenterPhoto: Q and Kaleya working on their housePhoto: Q ready to pull the car!Photo: Earth is so much smaller than Jupiter and SaturnPhoto: explorer Q!Photo: explorer Kaleya. She looks a little mistrustful of that dinosaurPhoto: Photo: Photo: pressing buttons in the ambulance in the BodyQuest exhibitPhoto: trying to pump blood as fast as the heartPhoto: it takes teamwork!Photo: Dr. Who-like TelevatorPhoto: Q sits on chair made with cardboard tubesPhoto: group pic! they don't look happy do they?Photo: don't know what this isPhoto: Star Wars replicaPhoto: Photo: Q and Kaleya playing around with Halloween costumes in TargetPhoto: Miles' birthday cookie - he made it himself!Photo: Photo: Taneya & Marsha J. Bembry at AAHGS - 10/13/13Photo: Ashley Bouknight of the Hermitage gives a presentation about the former enslaved - AAHGS Annual Conference 10/13/13Photo: Chikcen, Salmon, Broccoli and Sweet Potatoes for lunch at AAHGS Annual Conference 10/13/13Photo: Chajuan & Pamela receiving acknowledgement from President Tamela - AAHGS National Conference 10/13/13Photo: Kaleya & Mrs. Carrie Gentry - birthday girls! Ms. Gentry's birthday is 10/14 and Kaleya's is 10/16 - AAGHS National Conference 10/13/13Photo: The family at the AAHGS closing luncheon (10/13/13)Photo: Kamau on Family DayPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Nashville Children's TheatrePhoto: pic is blurry, but Q waiting for autographs from cast membersPhoto: yarn braid beauty!Photo: the back of her yarn braidsPhoto: side view of Kaleya's yarn braidsPhoto: Photo: I'm happy to share my Dr. Who Scarf is finished! This was my hubby's Christmas present and I finished it a couple of days ago. Photo: Making brownies!Photo: Photo: Photo: Guitar mural downtown Nashville