62 Photos - Jul 13, 2013
Photo: VK, Spooky & IPhoto: description for the Swimming CatPhoto: the swimming cat was asleep at firstPhoto: Photo: Photo: VK & Kaleya on the monitor screensPhoto: inside the exhibit!Photo: inside the exhibit!Photo: looking at the penguinsPhoto: Kaleya & IPhoto: pretty birdPhoto: stingrayPhoto: AnacondaPhoto: Photo: Kaleya petting a stingrayPhoto: Taneya & Tracy w/ daughtersPhoto: the girlsPhoto: the girls inside the arctic blastPhoto: finger up a nosePhoto: a tortoisePhoto: the girls w/ the iguanaPhoto: Photo: geckoPhoto: w/ the dinosaur!Photo: info about the Aldabra TortoisePhoto: an Aldabra TortoisePhoto: info about an African Spur-thighed TortoisePhoto: an African Spur-thighed TortoisePhoto: tortoises up closePhoto: feeding time!Photo: Javan Gibbon hangingPhoto: Javan Gibbons up closePhoto: only two zoos have Javan GibbonsPhoto: zoo signsPhoto: info about lemursPhoto: lemursPhoto: more info about lemursPhoto: here comes the tiger!Photo: tigerPhoto: info about the maned wolfPhoto: Giant AnteaterPhoto: Maned WolfPhoto: Giant AnteaterPhoto: not a pleasant smellPhoto: chicken on the loosePhoto: AlpacasPhoto: Miniature HorsesPhoto: Photo: bird bonesPhoto: bird bones infoPhoto: Photo: it's a t-rexPhoto: TriceratopsPhoto: it's coming for you Kaleya!Photo: VK and Taneya making crazy faces w/ the t-rex behind usPhoto: Swimming Cat perks up. Her name is TallulahPhoto: more info about the Swimming CatPhoto: Here comes TallulahPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: