56 Photos - Jul 12, 2013
Photo: microfilm of the Greensboro newspapersPhoto: microfilm reader connected to a computerPhoto: in the genealogy collectionPhoto: in front of the Greensboro Children's MuseumPhoto: in the big red chairPhoto: the other kids start making pizzaPhoto: and Kaleya waitsPhoto: her pizza sandwich has arrivedPhoto: now Kaleya makes pizzaPhoto: over to the trainPhoto: on the trainPhoto: luggage for the tripPhoto: serving tea in the train carPhoto: dress up clothesPhoto: in the train depotPhoto: here's your ticketPhoto: view of the train areaPhoto: making airplanesPhoto: going aboardPhoto: pilot KaleyaPhoto: w/ her pilot's hatPhoto: campingPhoto: campingPhoto: frog statuePhoto: getting into itPhoto: I camp too :-)Photo: nice fire truckPhoto: putting out the firePhoto: tractorPhoto: police carPhoto: racecar!!!Photo: rock climbingPhoto: getting the mailPhoto: sassy with the mailPhoto: managing the tv camerasPhoto: her own cooking showPhoto: at the news deskPhoto: video feedPhoto: talking about the rain in GreensboroPhoto: nice housePhoto: stocking the fridgePhoto: gathering eggsPhoto: working at the health clinicPhoto: babies to tend toPhoto: Kaleya is 4 foot, 4 inchesPhoto: red light - not good!Photo: success!Photo: getting ready to clean teethPhoto: ready to go shopping at the marketPhoto: picking up some cerealPhoto: get those veggiesPhoto: this boy was doing a great job as the bakerPhoto: checking outPhoto: drummingPhoto: my morbid childPhoto: and wrapping up the afternoon with some Sweet Frog frozen yogurt