33 Photos - Jul 10, 2013
Photo: Princess Kaleya on the Biltmore Estate loggia. See the view in the window reflection?Photo: Kaleya loves her flowers!Photo: view from the LoggiaPhoto: view from the LoggiaPhoto: Kaleya on the terracePhoto: Kaleya on the terracePhoto: Photo: on the terracePhoto: Photo: statue on the terracePhoto: Kaleya on the terrace; side of the house in backgroundPhoto: part of the gardenPhoto: Kaleya saw a beePhoto: The Walled GardenPhoto: gardenPhoto: gardenPhoto: gardenPhoto: in the gardenPhoto: gardenPhoto: gardenPhoto: garden signsPhoto: garden pathPhoto: Photo: in front of a fountainPhoto: reflecting poolPhoto: fish in the reflecting poolPhoto: view of house from reflecting poolPhoto: statuePhoto: I LOVE THIS HOUSE!!!!   :-)Photo: Visiting Lorraine and having dinner with her and her family. Awesome!  Lorraine is a genealogy buddy of mine w/ family roots in the same area as my maternal grandmother.Photo: the kids waiting for the cake that Jessyca made for me!Photo: Lorraine and I!Photo: