41 Photos - Feb 3, 2013
Photo: scenic view along the wayPhoto: Q in the carPhoto: front signPhoto: lots of landPhoto: coming inPhoto: lace bonnetPhoto: Slave familiesPhoto: more of the landPhoto: The Triplex - a group of 3 slave residences near the main housePhoto: gardenPhoto: sign for the IcehousePhoto: back of the HermitagePhoto: going to Alfred's cabinPhoto: Photo: closer view of the other cabinsPhoto: inside Alfred's cabinPhoto: inside Alfred's cabin - there is a loft abovePhoto: inside Alfred's cabinPhoto: photographer: KaleyaPhoto: the gardenPhoto: Q and Kaleya in the gardenPhoto: family graveyardPhoto: Photo: Annie Laurie Lawrence SmithPhoto: Photo: the rotunda where Andrew & Rachel are buriedPhoto: Photo: side of the rotunda w/ Andrew JacksonPhoto: Photo: Photo: in front of the grave rotundaPhoto: Alfred is buried next to the Jackson rotunda per his request to be buried near to AndrewPhoto: Photo: the smokehousePhoto: interesting tree outside the housePhoto: front of the HermitagePhoto: Photo: Photo: statues of Rachel and AndrewPhoto: John Fulton Jr.Photo: Donna being introduced