52 Photos - Feb 1, 2013
Photo: driving into the parkPhoto: Visitor's Center entrancePhoto: Cottages near the Visitor's CenterPhoto: front of the Visitor's CenterPhoto: behind the Visitor's Center, looking at the ramp leading down to the Historic EntrancePhoto: looking at the Visitor's CenterPhoto: Jihad & Miles playing with icePhoto: Kelli & KaleyaPhoto: Jihad next to one of the signsPhoto: Old Guide's CemeteryPhoto: info about the cemetery and African American guidesPhoto: more infoPhoto: Old Guide's CemeteryPhoto: Q grabbed a leaf and he wasn't about to let it goPhoto: Kaleya posesPhoto: Kaleya & Q by the Visitor's CenterPhoto: Q playing in the exhbiitPhoto: Kaleya playing in the exhbitPhoto: Kaleya really getting into itPhoto: Kelli plays in exhibits!Photo: Mammoth Gaves is a World Heritage sitePhoto: Miles by a pond in the parkPhoto: group picPhoto: 3-D visualization of the cave system. we saw only a bare fraction of thisPhoto: looking out at an overlook section in the parkPhoto: Q & TaneyaPhoto: Kelli, Q, Taneya & Kaleya goofin' in the Visitor's CenterPhoto: inside the cavePhoto: inside the cavePhoto: looking up inside the cavePhoto: cave formationPhoto: inside the cavePhoto: inside the cavePhoto: looking down inside the cavePhoto: creepy looking stalactitesPhoto: the writing on the wallPhoto: cave formationsPhoto: Miles & Kaleya in front of the "cactus" formation. We had to climb down 50 stairs to get to this area of the cave.Photo: more cave formationsPhoto: absolutely freakishly creepy cave crickets!Photo: on the bus on the way back from the cavePhoto: Kaleya shows off an icicle she plucked off a rockPhoto: view up to Heritage Trail from the ramp leading to the Historic EntrancePhoto: Jihad & Miles exploringPhoto: Q and Kaleya w/ their walking sticksPhoto: all 4 exploringPhoto: mouth of the Historic Entrance to the cavePhoto: going down into the HIstoric EntrancePhoto: looking up to the top of the Historic EntrancePhoto: plaque about Stephen MatherPhoto: bye Mammoth Park!Photo: a deer outside and near the road