43 Photos - Dec 30, 2012
Photo: Me in front of the Christmas tree at workPhoto: Qacheyta!Photo: original drawing by QacheytaPhoto: getting some plywood cutPhoto: Christmas yard display my mohther took a picture of in FloridaPhoto: my husband keeping it ol' school.Photo: my nephews - Alijzah, Keon & GabePhoto: Sheraton! Picture from hotel G+ pagePhoto: an example of a room at the Sheraton - picture from hotel G+ pagePhoto: the view from our hotel in LouisvillePhoto: random shot in downtown LouisvillePhoto: Electric LadylandPhoto: a painted horse. I saw another while driving. they must be all over town.Photo: dinner w/ the Courtney'sPhoto: Kalonji in high school - 1990. wow...Photo: cute houses we sawPhoto: Photo: Jihad looking smoove...Photo: Q at school's museum nightPhoto: Q's schoolworkPhoto: the kids at Centennial ParkPhoto: feeding ducksPhoto: feeding ducksPhoto: cat from Kitty's neighborhoodPhoto: a visit to the doctor after complaints of ear pain. verdict? an ear infection. The throat swab to test for strep took two people to make happen! Someone was not a happy camper.Photo: Photo: Kaleya at the Country Music Hall of FamePhoto: Q at the Country Music Hall of FamePhoto: side of the Uhaul truck. thought it was interestingPhoto: Photo: Photo: B, J & K finally sitting still long enough for me to get a photo!Photo: Time for breakfast!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: B, J  & K with KelliPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: their tkts to the County Music Hall of FamePhoto: Hi Jihad!Photo: The National Library of Medicine! Oh how I love being in DC!  I started my professional career here as a fellow in 1999 before coming to Vanderbilt. :-)  Am here today for business.