42 Photos - Sep 5, 2012
Photo: Kaleya - at her new schoolPhoto: My mommy & RonPhoto: Kaleya gets a balloon swan!Photo: Miles @ 4-H conferencePhoto: Group photo!Photo: lovely Halloween decorPhoto: Jihad's poster for school about rocks. The border around the words were cut rugged on purpose, like rocks :-)Photo: most awesome fall/Halloween display! At a Publix in Florida.Photo: display my mother came acrossPhoto: and this is awesome too - also at a Publix in FloridaPhoto: Kaleya and friend during their playdate today. Unfortunately, Kaleya's balloon animal ended up getting transformed into two...Photo: Jenny's old place in Sylvan ParkPhoto: Vernestean & I !Photo: Q!Photo: Kaleya!Photo: Kalonji with Aiden & AmeerahPhoto: Kamau, Q, Kaleya & Jihad playing in Mama Frances' yardPhoto: Kaleya, Mama Frances, KalonjiPhoto: Kalonji & AmeerahPhoto: Photo: Photo: Reginald Vanderbilt HIll. Buried in Knox CemeteryPhoto: Kaleya & Q looking at Champ McClellan's headstonePhoto: clearing out the cemeteryPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: all the kids!Photo: Kamau at his paternal great-grandfather's grave. Kamau's middle name is Curtis. His maternal grandfather was also named Curtis.Photo: the cleaning crewPhoto: in the cemeteryPhoto: Kaleya & Q in front of Mama Frances' housePhoto: who's taller?Photo: all 5!Photo: Photo: Photo: Mama Frances w/ great-grandchildren!Photo: Kaleya, Kamau, Ameerah, Austin, Miles, Q, Jihad, Damian, Aiden - all at Mama Frances' housePhoto: Kamau, Q, Boo-Boo, Kaleya, Miles, Jihad, DeonPhoto: Me w/ the niece & nephew - look at some of the faces!Photo: Photo: