56 Photos - Jun 3, 2012
Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: residence hallPhoto: on the way into the residence hallPhoto: get that tongue back in your mouth!Photo: Miles & JihadPhoto: Miles in the residence hallPhoto: Miles fills out paperworkPhoto: Q and KaleyaPhoto: i like this photo of KaleyaPhoto: view from Miles' windowPhoto: College of EngineeringPhoto: Photo: waiting for the info session to startPhoto: in front of the TSU College of EngineeringPhoto: Photo: Photo: took me forever to understand the signficance of the anchor. DUH! As much as I obsesses about the Commodore too?Photo: Q and KalonjiPhoto: Chuy's signPhoto: Jihad attacks the "Big As Yo Face" burritoPhoto: looks like the burrito got the best of himPhoto: cool menu artPhoto: Kamau & KaleyaPhoto: JIhad & KamauPhoto: kiddos!Photo: Kaleya & KidanPhoto: Kaleya and KidanPhoto: she finally got her bike! 7/3/12Photo: she does a chokehold!Photo: our bday cakePhoto: Kalonji, Jihad and Miles look at Jihad's bday acquisitionPhoto: Jihad enjoying his bday lunch at Horus CafePhoto: Kaleya joins in on the festivitiesPhoto: part of Kaleya's bday card for JihadPhoto: more of the bday cardPhoto: smurfs for my bday!Photo: a Wonder Woman comic for my bdayPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Kaleya in Spanish classPhoto: Kaleya w/ Spanish teacher MikePhoto: Kaleya w/ Spanish teacher FredPhoto: ranbow!Photo: top of the rainbow!Photo: Kaleya is learning to ride a bike - she has the basics down.Photo: my latest library bouty! oh yeah!Photo: Kaleya rides her bike at the parkPhoto: Kaleya looks at flowers at CostcoPhoto: munching on the samplesPhoto: Kaleya tries on glasses as her daddy shops for a new pairPhoto: