87 Photos - Mar 30, 2012
Photo: Random night out - March 29, 2012.  From L to R clockwise: Kaleya & Kelli at McKay's; Kalonji and mentee at Bobbie's Diary Dip; Q & Jihad joking around; Kaleya suspicious of ladybug on a leaf.Photo: Dr. Muhammad during his talkPhoto: I caught Jihad w/ his eyes half-closed but oh well! Here he is with Dr. Khalil Gibran Muhammad, Director of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black CulturePhoto: Photo: Kalonji's tattoo #10; his first one in color - Heru (Horus)  3/30/12Photo: Kelli gets a new tattoo! Her new one is added to both sides of her old one. The pulse rate leading into a hearbeat with an integrated bass clef. music notes all around! 3/30/12Photo: Jihad pets OsirisPhoto: Kaleya holds her two new kitsPhoto: Kaleya works on the canvasPhoto: Photo: more work on the canvas - she's getting into it!Photo: i left her alone for aobut 30 minutes and she got this much done :-)Photo: Kamau & Kaleya 4/1/12Photo: Kaleya and the egg she colored at Krispy Kreme 4/2/12Photo: camerman Miles in the making :-)  4/1/12Photo: catepillar at the park 4/2/12Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: we went to Margartaville -- the nachos were plain ridiculous! they were really a meal in and of themselves...Photo: Kaleya tells the guy on stilts the details of what she wantsPhoto: guy on stilts makes a baloon hat for KaleyaPhoto: he made her a flowerPhoto: Kaleya wears her flower hatPhoto: and Miles a crazy hatPhoto: and Jihad a shark fin hatPhoto: the kids w/ their crazy balloon hatsPhoto: MargaritavillePhoto: I looked at Kelli today and immediately thought "Pink Ladies!"  :-)  Love it. 4/10/12Photo: Kaleya at the fountain outside the Symphony CenterPhoto: our symphony ticketsPhoto: by the pondPhoto: Photo: turtle pokes his head above waterPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: in front of the housePhoto: Kaleya under a treePhoto: Kaleya by the reflecting poolPhoto: Photo: Kaleya on the lion - boys in the backgroundPhoto: is he really going to drink from the waterfall?? :-)Photo: someone is tired!Photo: inside the symphony hallPhoto: 82nd Airborne Div Assoc America's Guard of Honor Certificate with Medallion for outstanding leadership, military and scholastic excellence, and potential to succeed in a military career.  4/19/12Photo: Photo: Kaleya lookin' chillPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Google Drive! (app in bottom left corner)Photo: Kaleya reads to Kalonji 4/23/12Photo: Kamau w/ his Batman cupcakes. 5/6/12Photo: giant moth mommy saw today. ewww! 5/7/12Photo: Jihad w/ Matthew Kennedy, retired director of the Fisk Jubilee SingersPhoto: Today history was made! Kaleya decided she wanted to wear shorts to school :-) this girl wears nothing but dresses and skirts! 5/10/11Photo: Today history was made! Kaleya decided she wanted to wear shorts to school :-) this girl wears nothing but dresses and skirts! 5/10/11Photo: Kalonji and KaleyaPhoto: Kaleya & Mama Linda!Photo: waiting to participatePhoto: Photo: getting ready for the sack racePhoto: hop, hop, hop! Kaleya came in 4thPhoto: Kaleya and friendsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Kaleya & the school luau w/ her flower & leiPhoto: Photo: It's the last day of school. Kaleya's teacher, Ms. King, has been awesome! See you next year Robert Churchwell for the 2nd grade!Photo: Kaleya & Jihad on Kay Lynn's "mule" as she calls it - LOL! 5/26/12Photo: Photo: Photo: the new collection!Photo: makin' room on the bookshelvesPhoto: bookshelf w/ new materials on itPhoto: finally set up the printer/scanner given to us in February!Photo: new stovePhoto: Taneya & Carol in the middlePhoto: Radnor Lake - so beautiful!Photo: whoa! a deer!Photo: chillinPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Miles w/ his roommate from TSU engineering camp