82 Photos - Mar 4, 2012
Photo: crossing Nickajack LakePhoto: sign to Lookout MountainPhoto: another signPhoto: random house on the mountainPhoto: view from top where the Incline Railway comes toPhoto: random housePhoto: signs for directionPhoto: platforms at the Incline Railway station.Photo: view from near Incline Railway stationPhoto: inside the gift shop & museumPhoto: Jihad tries on the raccoon hatPhoto: mural of "The Battle of the Clouds" by James WalkerPhoto: explanation for the muralPhoto: video inside the National Park Service bldgPhoto: NPS exhibitPhoto: NPS exhibitPhoto: NPS exhibitPhoto: NPS exhibitPhoto: NPS exhibitPhoto: kids watching the videoPhoto: outside the entrance for Point ParkPhoto: house next to Point ParkPhoto: view of the Eastern OverlookPhoto: rocksPhoto: a dropoff in Point ParkPhoto: the boys at the Eastern OverlookPhoto: sign for Lookout Valley - where we were looking in the previous pics. I can't believe soldiers scaled this mountain!Photo: edge of the cliff - don't want to look over that!Photo: another view of the cliff edgePhoto: Van Den Corput's BatteryPhoto: heading out Point ParkPhoto: plaquePhoto: description of Point ParkPhoto: Battles for Chattanooga 1863Photo: Battles of Chattanooga Electric Museum & the National Park Service Bldg at Point ParkPhoto: Hill City PubPhoto: Hill City PizzaPhoto: eating lunchPhoto: Kaleya plays w/ her Monster High dollPhoto: my cheeseburger and baked potato salad - it was scrumptous!Photo: Kaleya's pizza - that was pretty good tooPhoto: Hard to see, but that sign says "Fairyland"Photo: Carter Hall @ Covenant College. turns out, this building can be seen from Interstate 24 WAAAAAY down below!Photo: Kaleya at Covenant CollegePhoto: the boys wavePhoto: Kaleya wavesPhoto: Photo: Jihad next to Brock Hall @ Covenant CollegePhoto: full on view of Brock Hall @ Covenant CollegePhoto: inside the Grand HallPhoto: Brazilian handiwork in the Grand Hall. Was purchased for the school by Brazilizan missionaries and depicts the marriage at Cana.Photo: Dora Maclellan Brown Memorial Chapel plaquePhoto: front view of the chapel - beautifulPhoto: You know I had to take a picture of the library! Kresge Memorial Library. Same family that is the name on Meharry's library???Photo: Tapestry inside Mills HallPhoto: looking at the biology displayPhoto: The Lord's Prayer in ArabicPhoto: heading back to the car - The Alumni CenterPhoto: random housePhoto: quaint storePhoto: Ruby Falls. We didn't go this trip, but maybe next time.Photo: view towards the river from the Glass Bridge going over to the Houston MuseumPhoto: looking to the Walnut Street Pedestrian BridgePhoto: the glass bridge - yeah, you can see through it as you walk over the streetPhoto: statue in front of Hunter MuseumPhoto: mansion that is part of Hunter MuseumPhoto: view to the outside from inside the Hunter MuseumPhoto: the museum had their Twitter feed displayed - even though the tweets were a few days old, i still thought it was great they did it!Photo: Kaleya shows off her museum provided Explorers book - very well done on behalf of the museum!Photo: in front of statue in front of Hunter MuseumPhoto: going onto the Walnut Street Pedestrian Bridge - the longest pedestrian bridge in the worldPhoto: looking down the middle of the bridgePhoto: view from the bridgePhoto: view of the Hunter Museum from the pedestrian bridgePhoto: a guy on a unicyclePhoto: Miles on the pedestrian bridge w/ Cooper Park in the backgroundPhoto: looking back towards Lookout Mountain - we were up there!Photo: Kaleya counts and waits for me to catch upPhoto: a dog statue by the bridgePhoto: We went to the Ice Cream Show shop - that's a lot of ice cream choice!Photo: i checked in so much today I hit #1 of all my Foursquare friends - a first for me!Photo: not the clearest picture, but this is Carter Hall @ Covenant College from down below on Interstate 24