100 Photos - Dec 11, 2011
Photo: Kaleya has a little fun @ VU Central LibraryPhoto: the most awesome gingerbread house ever - made from a TV cabinet!Photo: the girls in the most awesome gingerbread house everPhoto: orange candles - yep, we made them! :-)Photo: Jenny w/ her children! Unfortunately, I was taking the pic against the lightPhoto: Banner for the Egyptian Treasures exhibit at the Frist CenterPhoto: Kids outside with statues at the Frist CenterPhoto: Kaleya wearing all of our stickers for today's visitPhoto: Anthropoid Coffin of the Servant of the Great Place, Teti New Kingdom, ca. 1339-1307 B.C.E. Wood, painted. Place made: Thebes, Egypt, Africa. Brooklyn Museum, Charles Edwin Wilbour Fund, 37.14EPhoto: Goodwill find! 12/20/11 It's a sewing table, but we'll use it as a desk.Photo: cool crayon tin my mother-in-law foundPhoto: awwwww   12/23/11Photo: Mommy's at Clearwater Beach  - 12/25/11Photo: wow - what a way to spend Christmas day - Mommy @ Clearwater Beach 12/2/11Photo: Leonard & Ron! 12/25/11Photo: Kitty with the grandchildren 12/25/11Photo: L. and the boysPhoto: a group pic of us! 12/25/11Photo: Chey'mon & KaleyaPhoto: Kalonji, Kacheyta & TroyPhoto: Kitty's Christmas TreePhoto: the dinner tablePhoto: Photo: Jihad looks at the briefcase Kalonji got himPhoto: Kalonji & KaleyaPhoto: Photo: Kamau & KalonjiPhoto: Kitty showing off her apronPhoto: Kaleya eatsPhoto: Qacheyta, Jihad & KameranPhoto: Miles & KamauPhoto: Chey'mon & Kameran look at their DVDsPhoto: Kitty holds up her BarbiePhoto: Bought Kaleya some candy canes. she's been wanting candy canes for months.Photo: of course she gets Monster High!Photo: Q is happy with some of his toysPhoto: Star Trek crew!Photo: Miles, Jihad & Kamau. 1/8/12Photo: Kaleya all bundled up for school - 1/5/12Photo: Kalonji, Troy, Chey & Kamau Jan 2012Photo: Miles & Jihad reading Jan 2012Photo: the SAA card set tin boxPhoto: Dwight Hillis WilsonPhoto: Dwight's accomplishmentsPhoto: old websitePhoto: New website 1/29/12Photo: Kaleya and family friend 2/2/12Photo: on the grand staircasePhoto: in front of the Butterfly GardenPhoto: GingerTownPhoto: GingerTownPhoto: Photo: GingerTownPhoto: side view of Gingerbread TownPhoto: brochures and materials from the Autism Summer FairPhoto: Kaleya & friend 2/11/12Photo: Kaleya @ school celebrating Valentine's DayPhoto: pink pancakes for dinnerPhoto: Kaleya and friend 2/16/12Photo: Kaleya and friend 2/16/12Photo: Kaleya & friend 2/16/12Photo: Photo: my lovely geisha clock for valentine's dayPhoto: I asked Q to make a house for me and he did! :-) 2/24/12Photo: Q eats dinner 2/24/12Photo: Stuffed Bobcat at the Nature CenterPhoto: Q & Kaleya hold bonesPhoto: Jihad & Q in front of the geology exhibitPhoto: Kaleya in the mini-rocking chairsPhoto: I LOVE this picture! 2/25/12Photo: another group picPhoto: Kaleya near the creekPhoto: the boys walking across a logPhoto: wiping our shoes off after walking the trailsPhoto: mural in the women's bathroom at the Edwin Warner Park Nature Center. How fancy!Photo: Kaleya w/ the Comic-Con book. Some people REALLY are into the cos-play!Photo: Jihad peruses a book on speaking ItalianPhoto: awesome book! Comes w/ CDs that have the full-text articles of all the cover stories tooPhoto: a book I picked up today at the bookstore - i have a genealogical interest in Raleigh :-)Photo: somebody is sleepy 2/26/12Photo: Our article re TNGenWeb in the Clarksville Leaf Chronicle newspaper today - 2/26/12 pg. A5Photo: Jihad holds the newspaper issue w/ our article re TNGenWebPhoto: Hat Day at school! Kaleya wears her Daddy's hat 2/28/12Photo: at R.H. Boyd Publishing House 3/6/12Photo: Sian, Kaleya & Jihad at Museum Night 3/8/12Photo: Kaleya at Museum NightPhoto: Photo: the water cyclePhoto: the group in the hallway at Museum NightPhoto: i love this pic!Photo: three carefully placed eggs supports this stack of textbooksPhoto: Kaleya in front of the displayPhoto: Bill Cosby!Photo: my nephews in a boxPhoto: Kaleya wears her maskPhoto: Kalonji & Kaleya at TSU event in Springfield, TNPhoto: a trip to Sweet Ci-Ci'sPhoto: Miles, Jihad & KaleyaPhoto: Jihad's ritz cracker & cool mint oreo comboPhoto: group picture 3/25/12