75 Photos - Oct 1, 2011
Photo: Banner advertising the ScarecrowsPhoto: The Lawn Ranger Scarecrow done by Lost FrogsPhoto: Healthy Hannah Scarecrow done by Old Harding PediatricsPhoto: CAL Scarecrow - done by the Cumberland at Green Hills Assisted Living CommunityPhoto: The "Cheeky" Woodsman Scarecrow done by Warner Park Garden ClubPhoto: Annie's on Alert Scarecrow by Beverly McLainPhoto: Little Sure Shot Scarecrow by The Herb Society of NashvillePhoto: Purple and Pink Scarecrows by Kira and NolaPhoto: Penny Joy the Scarecrow Owl by Two Sisters and BenPhoto: Miss Kitty Scarecrow by Albuquerque MurphyPhoto: Soccer Spook Scarecrow by Harpeth Youth Soccer AssociationPhoto: Stratton's Sioux-Crow Scarecrow by Shelton Elementary's 4th Grade Art ClubPhoto: Pecos Bill Rides a Tornado Scarecrow by Micah Children's Academy Pre-K ClassPhoto: Annabeths' Mom Scarecrow by the East Nashville Homeschool AssociationPhoto: "Hay" Dude Scarecrow by Grasshopper Classroom at High Hopes Inclusing PreschoolPhoto: Vincent Van "Crow"Photo: sphinx in the gardenPhoto: info about the sphinxesPhoto: the second sphinxPhoto: Poster for the Trains exhibitPhoto: random train picPhoto: Tennessee State Capitol among the trainsPhoto: random train picPhoto: Beale Street among the trainsPhoto: The Daisy Theater of Memphis, TNPhoto: Alex Haley House of Henning, TNPhoto: York Mill - Pall Mall, TNPhoto: Marble Springs - home of Governor John Sevier - Knox County, TNPhoto: Chucalisea Indian VIllage - Memphis, TNPhoto: random train picPhoto: Cades Cove Crib Barn - Cades Cove, TNPhoto: Casey Jones House - Jackson, TNPhoto: Rocky Mount - Piney Flats, TNPhoto: Union Station - Nashville, TNPhoto: Cheekwood - Nashville, TNPhoto: Ladybug one car train in front of the Cheekwood replicaPhoto: Belle Meade Plantation - Nashville, TNPhoto: Giddy Up Sir Topham Hat ScarecrowPhoto: Kaleya sees Thomas the TrainPhoto: Hi Thomas!Photo: Thomas the Train goes byPhoto: Train high upPhoto: Kelli under the trestlePhoto: Carter House - Franklin, TNPhoto: Ryman Auditorium - Nashville, TNPhoto: Parthenon - Nashville, TNPhoto: random train picPhoto: Kaleya wanted to touch the flowers, but there were bees, so that kept her at bayPhoto: Kaleya and I rolled down the hill. My phone fell out of my pocket while we did this and I didn't realize it right away. Fortunately, I realized it about 10 minutes later and it was still in the grass when we went back to find it!Photo: Aren't we too cool? They had these big frames set up on the grounds to take your own scenic picPhoto: the girls!Photo: Kelli and KaleyaPhoto: KelliPhoto: Another frame - pretty as a picture :-)Photo: Kaleya in the grassPhoto: love this picture! oh the joy!Photo: Robinson Family Water GardenPhoto: Kaleya in the grassPhoto: glimpse of the housePhoto: statue by the front doorPhoto: Kaleya - "no pictures mommy"Photo: Kelli and KaleyaPhoto: Kelli on the veranda. Isn't that scenery beautiful!Photo: garden picPhoto: info about the gardensPhoto: side of the housePhoto: reflection pool?Photo: Kaleya in the gardensPhoto: Kaleya walks the gardenPhoto: lion statuesPhoto: Kelli by a lionPhoto: Kelli and Kaleya by the lionPhoto: The three of usPhoto: Kaleya on the lionPhoto: View towards downtown Nashville from the top floor of the house