50 Photos - Mar 2, 2011
Photo: Kaleya shows off her art at on the school wall - March 2, 2011Photo: Afro-Blue ImpressionsPhoto: Tree of LifePhoto: Jihad & friend with artist Elisheba IsraelPhoto: inside "The Arcade"Photo: Love this father & daughter paintingPhoto: Jihad & friend with artist Michael "Ol Skool" MuckerPhoto: Bill CosbyPhoto: Sidney PoitierPhoto: Dan in front of the green screen.Photo: Dan Thomas at the weather desk.Photo: Rudy, the sports anchor.Photo: See Jennifer in the anchor seat, see Jennifer on the air.Photo: Can hardly see her but there  is Demetria at the anchor desk.Photo: Jihad and Dan Thomas.Photo: Here we are in front of the weather station.Photo: Another group photo in front of the weather station.Photo: Kaleya at the anchor desk. Demetria and Jennifer sit here.Photo: Jihad at the anchor desk. Can't you see him doing this one day?Photo: More news desks.Photo: The cubicles of the news team.Photo: Kaleya pumps gas (or pretends to) :-)Photo: Jihad with scholar Charles S. Finch - April 2011. He'd come to speak at TSU.Photo: Kaleya's Avatar. Made with http://www.myavatareditor.com/Photo: Jihad's Avatar. Made with http://www.myavatareditor.com/.Photo: the birthday partyPhoto: Jihad & Kaleya at the Parthenon 5/23/11Photo: close up of AthenaPhoto: Athena from the backPhoto: close up of the backPhoto: Kaleya getting her hair done. Not looking to happy.Photo: the finished product!Photo: very pretty.Photo: our own princess and Daddy is happy isn't he?Photo: Jihad & Kaleya listen to Rev. Dr. Marlene L. Garland-Hill read the inscription she wrote for them in her book. (May 4, 2011)Photo: Jihad, Kaleya and friend at the park (May 8)Photo: tired much??Photo: peek-a-boo!Photo: silly kids!Photo: looks like a science experiment gone wrongPhoto: busy preppin' the carPhoto: havin' fun at Steak-n-ShakePhoto: Jihad & Kaleya w/ cousins RJ & CJPhoto: RJ holds CJPhoto: Kaleya w/ her McGuffey ReaderPhoto: Kaleya dresses as ThorPhoto: Kalonji and the graduate - congratulations!Photo: our seats were close to the teamPhoto: Jihad w/ Four Leaf RollerPhoto: