76 Photos - Dec 7, 2010
Photo: Photo: Photo montage I made of my brother when he was a baby, and all four of his sons as babies.Photo: cars stranded at an apartment complex. this is wild! they look like they are in line!Photo: scene outside my window on the night of dec 12Photo: Photo: Photo: Jihad looks caught unawares...Photo: Kalonji and his girls!Photo: Kaleya and her friend who Kaleya always referred to as her "baby doll"Photo: working hard!Photo: Kaleya next to the Christmas treePhoto: Photo: Photo: Nashville Chess Club. We visited on 12/22/10.Photo: caught jihad snackingPhoto: Kaleya smiles. that young lady behind her is a chess champion for her age groupPhoto: Photo: both of them on the computers. Kaleya learning moves and Jihad playing a gamePhoto: a view inside the libraryPhoto: cool chess boardPhoto: library books are classified. i like that :-)Photo: Jihad & Kaleya and their friends ready to inject a turkeyPhoto: Kaleya injects the turkeyPhoto: Photo: Photo: opening presents!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Kaleya brings me their presentPhoto: lovely gift tag :-)Photo: and my present included a Wonder Woman comic bookPhoto: Jihad has read Ben Carson's life story.Photo: Kaleya has been watching Bewitched with KalonjiPhoto: excitement over jihad's present to herPhoto: beautiful gloves and hat he made at school for herPhoto: Jihad's card to mePhoto: kaleya creatively figured out how to open one of her presentsPhoto: Veteran headstones in Sarasota National Cemetery, Florida. My uncle Stanley Robinson is buried here. Picture taken 12/28/10 by my mother.Photo: Stanley's headstonePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Kaleya & friend at the park (Dec 31, 2010)Photo: Another picture (Dec 31, 2010)Photo: this cat is almost bigger than her! (Dec 31, 2010)Photo: Kaleya rides the horse! (Dec 31, 2010)Photo: Kaleya gets a splinter and pulls it out herself. rock on!Photo: Jihad is cool...Photo: at the optometristPhoto: getting eyes scannedPhoto: awww...kaleya loves her brother!Photo: us w/ John & Nancy Koonce- Kaleya didn't want to take the picture (Jan 22, 2011)Photo: Kaleya & books!Photo: Kaleya with her school journal (1/24/11)Photo: Kaleya's concept of the number 4 (1/24/11)Photo: Kaleya trades ValentinesPhoto: Kaleya hugs JihadPhoto: nice advertisementPhoto: the trio at dinnerPhoto: the Nashville Prep shirt!Photo: Read today. Write the Future. Nashville Prep.Photo: Watching Alice in Wonderland at the public libraryPhoto: Kaleya's library hand stamp. Of course the kids all clamor for it!Photo: the birthday boy ponders his cakePhoto: Kaleya on the park playgroundPhoto: more playPhoto: opening presentsPhoto: the fabulous trioPhoto: Luke signs for JihadPhoto: Jihad reading Luke's comicPhoto: Jihad with author Jewell Parker RhodesPhoto: Mommy & Ron at the beach - Christmas Day 2010Photo: Miles & Jihad at lunch with Kaleya