25 Photos - Nov 19, 2009
Photo: view of downtown San Francisco from AlamedaPhoto: view of ships as we approached the museumPhoto: ships next to the USS Hornet. These ships are ready reserve and are prepared to respond to worldwide times of needPhoto: Photo: looking down the ramp we walked up to board the shipPhoto: Photo: battle station area w/ med suppliesPhoto: one of the 4 steam turbine enginesPhoto: steam operation panelPhoto: kitchen area where I'm sure Lorenza workedPhoto: more of the kitchenPhoto: Photo: entrance into one of the fire rooms. hot area - love how they refer to it!Photo: the brig - those cells were SMALL!Photo: hyrdraulic catapult operations for catapault on the top deck of the carrier on the port side of the ship. there was also one on starboard sidePhoto: the campaign ribbons that the USS Hornet earned during servicePhoto: view of the flight deckPhoto: looking up the island tower. this part was not on the ship when my great-uncle was on it.Photo: looking out on the flight deck from the operations roomPhoto: bunks!  i would hate to be the one closest to the floor.Photo: lockerPhoto: the headPhoto: Thai restaurant I ate at one day for lunch.Photo: view of Hotel Niko from Thai restaurantPhoto: Union Square!