146 Photos - Aug 7, 2009
Photo: Miles @ his cooking classPhoto: Kaleya helps to cut Miles' hairPhoto: Photo: playing video gamesPhoto: Photo: Jihad has been begging for Beef Jerky for weeks, so Kalonji got some smoked venison for himPhoto: and, he ate it!Photo: view of the mountainside on the way through ChattanoogaPhoto: at the Talladega Public Library - genealogy roomPhoto: Photo: Photo: Idlewild - land of General William McClellan - slaveowner of Kalonji's ancestorsPhoto: Photo: in back - what used to be the smokehousePhoto: the kids on the side patioPhoto: on the front stepsPhoto: the groundsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Kaleya's 3rd great-grandmother and 4th great-grandmothers walked this very same land.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: shout out to Randy - Chula Vista, AL!Photo: driving into BirminghamPhoto: reliefs and monuments in Kelly Park in BirminghamPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: 16th street church where the bombings happenedPhoto: Photo: kids on the front steps of the Civil Rights InstitutePhoto: Photo: Photo: Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth - civil rights activistPhoto: monument on the corner next to the church - this marks where the bombing happenedPhoto: inside the church sanctuaryPhoto: the head of Jesus was blown off by the bomb, nothing else was affected in the stained glassPhoto: Photo: in front of the room where the 4 girls were - it was originally a dressing room, but is now as kitchenPhoto: Photo: on the front steps of the churchPhoto: statue in Kelly Park of MLKPhoto: statue portrayal of youth turned away from the water cannonsPhoto: the kids between the jail bars....Photo: that were in front of this statue - "I Ain't Afraid of Your Jail"Photo: another portrayal of the events in Kelly ParkPhoto: the sidewalk that goes around the parkPhoto: statue of dogs used by the police in Kelly ParkPhoto: our tickets to the InstitutePhoto: swimming!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: home of Idora McClellan aka Betsy Hamilton, daughter of General William Blount McCllelan. Home is located on East street in TalladegaPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: front sign of Talladega CollegePhoto: Amistad mural @ Talladega CollegePhoto: mural depiction of the courtroom eventsPhoto: mural depiction of the construction of the Savery libraryPhoto: mural depiction of 1st day of registration at Talladega CollegePhoto: view within the libraryPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: bldg across the way from Savery LibraryPhoto: bldg to the left of Savery LibraryPhoto: Photo: Photo: the Alpha Phi Alpha sectionPhoto: in front of 624 Avenue H - home of kalonji's uncle. This address has been the McClellan family's since at least the 1940sPhoto: in front of the cemetery where many of the McClellan's are buriedPhoto: cemetery where many of Kalonji's family members are buriedPhoto: at the grave of Mama Frances' husband, CurtisPhoto: overgrown part of cemetery where Kalonji's ancestors are buriedPhoto: we cleared away a path to view these gravesites -- Kalonji's great-aunt, great-great grandmother, a stillborn sibling of his grandmother's, and his great-grandfatherPhoto: the mess we left after getting busy with the hedge clippers and the axPhoto: a grave that was even further back in the overgrown area. We didn't even get to it and sent Miles in to take a picture.Photo: Ebenzer Baptist Church - church home of Kalonji's great-grandfather Champ McClellanPhoto: Photo: Champ's name listed as pastor in 1919Photo: view of the sanctuaryPhoto: Photo: Photo: view of part of Morehouse campus from parking garagePhoto: Photo: kids in front of Spelman CollegePhoto: Camille Oliva Hanks Cosby Center on Spelman campusPhoto: Firestation on Auburn avenue near MLK center and homePhoto: Photo: Photo: view of working class housing from MLK home front porchPhoto: front porch of MLK homePhoto: on the front porch @ MLK homePhoto: park ranger describing the neighborhood MLK grew up inPhoto: view of middle class homes from front of MLK homePhoto: no pictures allowed inside home, but view from back yardPhoto: another view of back yardPhoto: the kids looking at the back yardPhoto: Photo: inside the firestationPhoto: Photo: Photo: at the eternal flamePhoto: Photo: Photo: kaleya & jihad in their matching shirts inside Ebenezer ChurchPhoto: Photo: the Behold statuePhoto: Photo: Q in front of the rose gardenPhoto: the Ghandi statuePhoto: Photo: kids wanted to take their picture w/ the Rosa Parks block on the Civil Rights Walk of FamePhoto: Look! It's Rev. Shuttlesworth again!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: this billboard? was out front of the MLK center. I thought it was neatPhoto: lounging in the hotel room in AtlantaPhoto: view from hotel windowPhoto: explanation of cannonPhoto: i stole this pic from georgiaconference.org, but this is a pic of the hotel (i think about the time it was built)Photo: painted on the wall next to cannon - depicts the campus back in the time of the institutePhoto: cannon in the lobby - hotel used to be the Georgia Military Institute from 1861-1865Photo: educational brochure from the institutePhoto: Photo: Photo: back porch of hotelPhoto: view from back porch - we wondered if there were going to be a wedding there today?Photo: a KFC we saw while drivingPhoto: kaleya getting a workout at mickey d'sPhoto: Car needed a repair before we got back on the road. fortunately, we were able to get it serviced at a shop near the hotelPhoto: walking to the book store while waiting for car to get repairedPhoto: look mommy, a bat!Photo: that's scary!