35 Photos - Jun 23, 2009
Photo: view from the hotel roomPhoto: another hotel room viewPhoto: Picture of the OHSU Marquam Hill Campus from the 1920s. (Picture from the OHSU Digital Archives - http://content.ohsu.edu/)Photo: in the auditoriumPhoto: Dr. Lindberg @ the podiumPhoto: heading over to the library bldgPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: see the steps directly in front of the bldg? I'll reference them in a later picturePhoto: Photo: Photo: sittng on the steps i mentioned earlier - had lunch outsidePhoto: what is this big head doing here?Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: view from the Aerial Tram station at the top of Marquam Hill.Photo: Photo: view down - see the tram approaching?Photo: Photo: should have taken a better picture than thisPhoto: Photo: the “Old Dirty Bastard” donut - oreos, chocolate and peanut butterPhoto: the “Marshall Mathers” donutPhoto: I liked this saying.Photo: turns out the big head was only half a headPhoto: Me, next to the big half headPhoto: Could not pass it up! The Multnomah County Central LibraryPhoto: postcard of the Garden Stairs at the public library