124 Photos - May 17, 2009
Photo: view from the airport looking into the cityPhoto: nice greeting!Photo: view right from hotel balconyPhoto: view down from hotel balconyPhoto: view left from hotel balconyPhoto: view also from hotel balcony - little bit more to the leftPhoto: Statue in open area on hotel groundsPhoto: hotel had an open bar area - a lot of the hotel is in the openPhoto: another open areaPhoto: Photo: Photo: statues in front of the hotelPhoto: random bldgPhoto: more random bldgsPhoto: view of water going through the cityPhoto: view of the mountainsPhoto: hotel convention sign welcoming MLAPhoto: bldg that I thought had interesting architecturePhoto: view of Hilton Hawaii where I'm stayingPhoto: trolley carPhoto: view of boat for MDConsult dinner cruisePhoto: waiting to get on the boatPhoto: sitting at tablesPhoto: Polly, Rachel & BeckyPhoto: pineapple atop room column on the boatPhoto: hostess for the eveningPhoto: hula dancersPhoto: hostess making the roundsPhoto: more hula dancingPhoto: MLA members try their hand at hulaPhoto: electric slide!Photo: still slidin...Photo: Me, Becky & PollyPhoto: Statue outside the convention center. He is supposed to represent a welcome to the city.Photo: back of the statue as I was walking up to itPhoto: we had lunch @ Royal Garden - we had dim sumPhoto: chicken feet. i tried to try it, but it was all skin. i have problems getting meat off a regular piece of chicken, much less one that is nothing but skinPhoto: why are there silver bands around the palm trees?Photo: Statue of Iolani Luahine, a renowned hula dancerPhoto: Statue of singer Alfred Apaka at the hotelPhoto: view from my room of a luau area on the roof of a buildingPhoto: Rachel & Annette w/ Chicken Feet @ dim sumPhoto: Photo: wedding chapel on the hotel groundsPhoto: the "village" feel of some of the buildings at the hotel was nice.Photo: Photo: Photo: view from Annette & Becky's room of the mountainsPhoto: view from Annette & Becky's room of the front driveway to the hotel.Photo: another view from Annette & Becky's roomPhoto: view looking down at Benihana restaurant from their hotel roomPhoto: view of the ocean overlooking the lagoon - also from Annette & Becky's roomPhoto: Photo: Annette, Me & Becky @ the Ovid partyPhoto: lit up tree @ the Ovid partyPhoto: Photo: dancers @ the Ovid partyPhoto: Photo: Photo: lobby of the hotel tower we were staying in, the Diamond Head towers - so much was designed to include the “outside”Photo: another “outside” opening in the lobbyPhoto: Photo: penguins in the cavePhoto: pink flamingoes at the hotelPhoto: pink flamingoes close-upPhoto: ducks!Photo: Photo: another one of those statuesPhoto: AlohaPhoto: Photo: Photo: another view of the wedding chapel at the hotelPhoto: Next to the USS Arizona is Bowfin ParkPhoto: overview of all the military memorials and historical sitesPhoto: Photo: torpedoPhoto: Photo: USS Bowfin submarinePhoto: representative plaque for one of the 53 submarines sunk during WWIIPhoto: view of all the submarine plaques - one for each one sunk during WWIIPhoto: model of the USS ArizonaPhoto: Model of the Japanese aircraft carrier, Akagi. flagship of the Japanese naval fleet in the attack against Pearl HarborPhoto: remains of a torpedoPhoto: painting of the attack on the USS OklahomaPhoto: poster showing what happened to the USS OklahomaPhoto: Battle of MidwayPhoto: the Battle of Midway exhibit continuedPhoto: view of the USS Arizona memorial in the distancePhoto: view of land from the ferry - there was a group of Navy JRTOC on the tour with usPhoto: marker for where the USS Nevada was dockedPhoto: Photo: docked at the USS ArizonaPhoto: memorial plaquePhoto: parts of gun torret #3Photo: looking towards land from the ferryPhoto: view of the land from the memorialPhoto: oil in the water - oil comes up everyday from the sunken shipPhoto: random shot inside the memorialPhoto: wall of names of the 1,177 men who died when the USS Arizona was hitPhoto: close up of the memorial wallPhoto: markers for where the USS Vestal and USS Tennessee were sittingPhoto: drawing that shows how the memorial is placed over the sunken shipPhoto: Photo: dedication plaque in the memorialPhoto: Photo: Polly, Becky & RachelPhoto: Photo: some of the flags inside the memorialPhoto: departingPhoto: driving the ferry back across the waterPhoto: the anchor raised from the USS ArizonaPhoto: mural of the USS Arizona in the visitor's centerPhoto: view of our hotel from backPhoto: view of random bldgs from across the parkPhoto: street scene as we were walking to dinner on Monday night (may 18)Photo: bldg w/ interesting architecturePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Seoul Jung Restaurant where we had dinnerPhoto: Dinner! We had KoreanPhoto: Photo: these dumplings were goodPhoto: My Kalbi Jjim dish.  It was absolutely scrumptous - and, it was boiling when they presented it to me