35 Photos - Dec 30, 2008
Photo: Jihad & KaleyaPhoto: opening presentsPhoto: playing with my little poniesPhoto: decorating the treePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Kaleya & Johnsie MaePhoto: JIhad w/ two books he received for ChristmasPhoto: a game set - fun!Photo: organizing the ponies and figurinesPhoto: the prince & the barbie in the center of the figurines and my little poniesPhoto: Rashid holds KeonPhoto: Jihad & IzjanPhoto: Photo: Photo: Kaleya invades Kelli's nap timePhoto: Keon finds some wrapping paperPhoto: Photo: a pic of the treePhoto: around the tvPhoto: Kaleya hangin' w/ Aunt VKPhoto: at the table before dinnerPhoto: some of the spreadPhoto: is it time yet?Photo: Photo: i love the look on Kaleya's face herePhoto: Alijzah, Keon & TaneshaPhoto: Izjan w/ Jihad's santa hatPhoto: Photo: Kaleya likes her umbrellaPhoto: coloring w/ KeonPhoto: Alijzah & Keon coloringPhoto: Jihad prepping Kaleya's scooter for her