61 Photos - Oct 19, 2008
Photo: her future's so brightPhoto: Photo: Photo: say cheesePhoto: Discovery CenterPhoto: his two rays of sunshinePhoto: peering down the holePhoto: Photo: Photo: workin' in the aquaductPhoto: Photo: super duper slidePhoto: Jihad after coming down the super duper slidePhoto: yep - that's a skeletonPhoto: Photo: Photo: “what to do next?”Photo: workin the kitchenPhoto: Photo: climbin' out the caterpillarPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: big red fire truckPhoto: firefighters! the clothes absorbed the flash of the camera light. freaky effect!Photo: Jihad in more gearPhoto: how do you operate this thing?Photo: Kelli gets in on the action tooPhoto: She's got that glow!Photo: on top of the firetruckPhoto: climbing downPhoto: row, row, row your boatPhoto: kaleya prepares for some old-fashioned ironingPhoto: rockin' on the porchPhoto: time to go upstairsPhoto: the mechanics mcclellanPhoto: drive that car!Photo: you see me rollin'Photo: Photo: Photo: that's a big bikePhoto: Photo: under the carPhoto: preparing the trainPhoto: ringing up groceriesPhoto: see my fruits and vegetables?Photo: Photo: the model train roomPhoto: this is a busy marketPhoto: train conductor Jihad?Photo: We can handle this train!Photo: Photo: Kaleya's group of gearsPhoto: looking down on the aquaductPhoto: ducks outsidePhoto: a ritz cracker - this one's for you mommy :-)Photo: looking at the wetlandsPhoto: too cute!