59 Photos - Jul 2, 2008
Photo: Photo: Cravath Hall - where administration is located. The shape of the bldg looks the same no matter which side you view it from and there is a replica of the middle portion below ground that is seven floors deep. The symmetry in the shape is a masonic architectural principle.  This was the original library.Photo: details around the door of Cravath HallPhoto: there are 17 registered historical landmarks on the Fisk campusPhoto: inside Cravath Hall in the room where the board meets.  you can tell this used to be a library.Photo: Part of the mural along the top of the meeting room by Aaron Douglas. This scene shows the hunting and praising of blacks in Africa.Photo: more of the Douglas mural.Photo: shows the africans getting captured in chainsPhoto: and the slave ship on the horizon with the woman watching in a sorrow statePhoto: represents blacks excelling in industryPhoto: excelling in the fine/performing artsPhoto: excelling in musicPhoto: excelling in sciencePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: view of the Fisk Memorial ChapelPhoto: The Tally-Brady hall  - the chemistry bldg.  Thomas W. Talley & St. Elmo Brady were chemistry professors at Fisk.Photo: Photo: view of the current library - the Franklin LibraryPhoto: us walking towards the chapelPhoto: engraving of biblical scripture above the chapel doors. DuBois had it inlaid in gold as a giftPhoto: detail above the doors of the chapelPhoto: Photo: Miles Davis once performed in the chapel - I had to take a picture of Miles in front of it.Photo: they examine a spiderPhoto: bell tower of the chapelPhoto: painted by Nikki Giovani her senior year. Now, it is senior class tradition to repaint it each yearPhoto: Jubilee Hall. Built in 1873 with the money the Fisk Jubilee singers raised on tour. The first permanent building in the country built for the exclusive purpose of educating blacks. Stands on what used to be the highest hill in Nashville and used to be the place where slaves were sold.Photo: There used to be a 100ft high iron gate and you can still see the notches in the stone where the gate was attached.Photo: Photo: Photo: parlor inside Jubilee Hall. As a National Historic Landmark, the first floor is preserved as it was in 1873 (for the most part)Photo: Kaleya looks out the window of Jubilee Hall.Photo: picture of the Jubilee SingersPhoto: another room on the 1st floorPhoto: an original desk of W.E.B. DuBoisPhoto: class photosPhoto: Steinway piano. Fisk has about 109 of them on campus.Photo: portrait of one of the Victorian houses that used to be on campus - a majority of the faculty lived on campus in homes such as this.Photo: Jihad looks at one of the class photos.Photo: All the chandeliers in Jubilee Hall were given to Fisk by Tiffany.Photo: painting by Georgia O'Keefe given to Fisk.Photo: the beams in this room were given to Fisk from a castle in Austria that was built in the 1300s. Next picture shows a plaque with more information.Photo: plaque with details about the beams in this roomPhoto: original painting sent back by Queen Victoria of the Jubilee SingersPhoto: View of the campus from Jubilee Hall. The campus is shaped like an ankh and Jubilee Hall is the head.Photo: Jihad & Kaleya wave from the Alpha Phi Alpha pyramidPhoto: In the Fisk Library in front of a relief of W.E.B. DuBoisPhoto: bible given to Fisk by Lincoln's son - bible was presented to Lincoln by blacks of BaltimorePhoto: ornate embossing on the Lincoln biblePhoto: Photo: i loved the chairs in the library