31 Photos - May 4, 2008
Photo: Taneya & Mommy about to get in the car on the way to Gainesville.Photo: Mommy & RonPhoto: We meet Daddy, Sabrina & VK at Kelli's placePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: she puts the hat & gown on!Photo: Photo: chillin'Photo: outside the o'connell centerPhoto: the stadium across the wayPhoto: kelli leaves us to go get in line with her fellow graduatesPhoto: the students fill the arenaPhoto: Kelli is on the 3rd row from the front, 7th person from the right.Photo: the university president - J. Bernard MachinPhoto: Kelli on the way up to the stage.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: getting her name readPhoto: Kelli on the big screen tv as she begins to watch across the stagePhoto: Kelli & RonPhoto: Danielle, Ruth, Latrice, Kelli, Melie & RosePhoto: Photo: Photo: Taneya, Kelli & VKPhoto: Kelli & Stanley walkingPhoto: on the way to dinnerPhoto: Kelli & her Lane Bryant storePhoto: Photo: