42 Photos - Oct 15, 2007
Photo: she's posin'!  (10/14/07)Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: playin' a SpongeBob game w/ daddyPhoto: Photo: whack those squirrels!Photo: Photo: look at all my ticketsPhoto: and more tickets!Photo: the writing's on the wallPhoto: streamers in the doorPhoto: the ham - Jacob is behind herPhoto: cheeeeeeesssseeee!Photo: Ashli has 3 hatsPhoto: the cake - boots and dora have icing on their facePhoto: waiting to cut the cakePhoto: Xavier digging in his piecePhoto: Photo: Sadie says it's yummyPhoto: group picPhoto: i like cake!Photo: Photo: Photo: ooh --- flash cardsPhoto: Photo: it's a tiara and jewelry for a princessPhoto: Jacob delved into his cards right awayPhoto: Photo: card playPhoto: Photo: opening papa bill & sabrina's cardPhoto: Look! It's Hip Hop Harry - and, I'm wearing his shirt too!Photo: kaleya and kalonjiPhoto: a camera! now i can take my own pictures and not take mommy's cameraPhoto: the goodiesPhoto: I'm painting! leave me alone