61 Photos - Jun 12, 2007
Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Kaleya and Kamau in the car as we get ready to get on the road.Photo: Kaleya was tired.Photo: Saw this sign and since Kalonji's middle name is Morrow, I had to take it.Photo: Kaleya writing in the car.Photo: at Celebration Station - she was hesitant at first to go near it, but in the end her curiosity got the best of her.Photo: Kalonji was playing this boxing game that used motion detectionPhoto: Thursday June 7th was my brother's birthday so we celebrated it w/ cake!Photo: Mommy and my nephew KeonPhoto: mi hermana Kelli holding Keon and Q.Photo: Keon and Kaleya.Photo: Miles, Kamau and my nephews Izjan and Alijzah huddled around an I Spy book.Photo: Mommy and Keon.Photo: Izjan smiles at the camera, while Kamau looks suspiciously at it. Miles ignores me.Photo: Alijzah and Izjan.Photo: My stepfather Ron and KeonPhoto: Kelli & KeonPhoto: this action figure looks yummy to KeonPhoto: kids playing at Sears as we wait to take pictures.Photo: Photo: Izjan looking a little sleepy as he ties his shoe. Alizjah looks content.Photo: Izjan and Kaleya asking Kalonji for somethingPhoto: Photo: Tanesha, Keon, Mommy & Alizjah at the beach!Photo: The DivaPhoto: Photo: Kalonji escorts Q and Kaleya from the waterPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Miles, Izjan, Kamau and JihadPhoto: Miles , Izjan about to go for the good waves! Kaleya waiting to get her turn in the water.Photo: Photo: Photo: Why does Alijzah look so disgusted? Perhaps b/c he wanted absolutely nothing to do with the beach?Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Kaleya was having a ballPhoto: Kaleya cheesing for the cameraPhoto: Photo: She couldn't wait to try and "swim"Photo: Photo: Photo: playing in the sandPhoto: Miles about to get buried in sandPhoto: I LOVE THIS PICTURE! I was helping Kaleya jump waves.Photo: Miles is buried - everyone helping.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: