67 Photos - Jun 30, 2006
Photo: Kelli & KaleyaPhoto: Dad & Stepmom - Sabrina & WilliamPhoto: Stepfather & Nephews - Ron, Alizjah & IzjanPhoto: Photo: Don't know why there is an "e" on the end -- guess they were not finished yet.Photo: KaleyaPhoto: Izjan's mom, Lashaun and her boyfriend and daughterPhoto: The man! AlijzahPhoto: us bridesmaids - Tanesha's sister Courtney was the maid of honorPhoto: Mommy, Linda, uncle Leonard, and RashidPhoto: Taneya, Mommy, KelliPhoto: Tanesha & MommyPhoto: The bridal partyPhoto: Tanesha with us bridesmaids, and her flower girlPhoto: Taneya & KaleyaPhoto: Tanesha with the groomsmen - Daddy was the best man, Izjan was the ringbearer.Photo: Rashid with the boys.Photo: Rashid with the girls.Photo: Tanesha & Rashid with her parents and step-parents.Photo: Tanesha & Rashid with our parents, step-parents, and step-grandmother.Photo: The happy couple at their table at the reception.Photo: Mommy & RonPhoto: Tanesha & RashidPhoto: Linda & LeonardPhoto: Kaleya and LeonardPhoto: Someone passed out!Photo: Aunt Gloria & Uncle AdolphPhoto: Kelli & TaneshaPhoto: Tanesha with Mommy & RonPhoto: Tanesha with Leonard & LindaPhoto: Uncle Leonard, Uncle Morgan, Mommy, Alijzah, Tanesha & RonPhoto: Kelli, Rashid, & IzjanPhoto: Aunt VK and great-aunt, Carol JeanPhoto: Kaleya ready to take a picturePhoto: Take it to the head!Photo: On the plane on the way back to TNPhoto: Rashid sportin' the official wedding t-shirtPhoto: Rashid with groomsmen Kevin & BobbyPhoto: At the Rehearsal DinnerPhoto: Daddy & Sabrina at the Rehearsal DinnerPhoto: Glamour Girl!Photo: Kaleya wants to get away!Photo: Cake to celebrate Rashid's birthday - however, he was 28, not 82 :-)Photo: Our female cousins + kaleyaPhoto: Uncle Al & Aunt LaquitaPhoto: Sabrina & DaddyPhoto: We know who this isPhoto: Cutting the cakePhoto: Photo: Kaleya playing with a bouquetPhoto: Tanesha ready to throw the bouquetPhoto: Adolph, Gloria, Lulu, Uncle Haywood and Aunt IdaPhoto: Great-Uncle HaywoodPhoto: Leonard & DaddyPhoto: Kaleya & cousin LuluPhoto: Daddy & GloriaPhoto: Haywood & MorganPhoto: Cousin Jon-Anthony, Aunt VK, Cousin Aiesha & RashidPhoto: Kelli with her niece and nephewsPhoto: The tablePhoto: Tanesha's grandmother Dorothy, Mommy, Linda, Leonard, & RonPhoto: Taneya, Sabrina & KelliPhoto: Rashid & his menPhoto: Photo: Daddy chillinPhoto: Photo: Rashid & Tanesha