30 Photos - Jan 21, 2014
Photo: Standing room only at the NRF's 10th Annual Sunrise Breakfast, sponsored by Gartner.Photo: Hybris Software's attendee lounge, Expo floor. #nrf14Photo: I did a lot of "air" shopping at the conference. Here, at Wipro's 4D grocery store of the future.Photo: Nice presentation by some familiar names at "HGTV Home: Bringing Inspiration and Education to Life at Retail, moderated by Michael Stone, CEO, Beanstalk. #nrf14Photo: More to come on this panel discussion in the pages of Home Accents Today. #NRF14Photo: For the HGTV presentation, the panelists sat in HGTV Home seating, courtesy of Bassett. #nrf14Photo: Retail science: tracking consumers' interest and reaction to displays/merchandising by using special glasses to monitor eye activity #nrf14Photo: The result (see prior slide) is shown here, with the most intensive penetration shown in redPhoto: Needle's "advocates," seated in the white armchairs, interact with consumers and provide live tips, advice at brands like Urban Outfitters, Coach and Carhartt #throughglass #nrf14Photo: The view from the top of the Needle bus #nrf14 #throughglassPhoto: #throughglassPhoto: Google brought some of its new solutions for retailers and shoppers to #nrf14. #throughglassVideo: CONNECTED Glass, POWERED by eBay, FILMED  through Google Glass. Couldn't resist  #nrf14 #throughglassVideo: Interesting digital display at Comm-Works. So skinny, you can't see her when viewed from the side... #nrf14 #throughglassPhoto: Mini-seminar at Shoppertrak #nrf14 #throughglassPhoto: Intel's "emotion-recognition" (via facial expressions) technology #nrf14 #throughglassPhoto: Intel's "emotion-recognition" (via facial expressions) technology #nrf14 #throughglassPhoto: Intel's "emotion-recognition" (via facial expressions) technology #nrf14 #throughglassPhoto: Intel's "emotion-recognition" (via facial expressions) technology #nrf14 #throughglassPhoto: Intel's "emotion-recognition" (via facial expressions) technology #nrf14 #throughglassPhoto: Intel's in-store personalization technology #nrf14 #throughglassPhoto: Warm welcome during a side trip to the corporate headquarters of Infusion, where I saw some cool new digital display applications and technology. More to come on that, as well. #nrf14Photo: Infusion's experience lab, where we played after lunch. #nrf14Photo: Smak Parlour pop-up shop on display in the NRF Innovations Lab, sponsored by Mintel.Photo: Also shown in the NRF Innovations Lab -- interesting new retail products and trends... #nrf14Photo: Twitter founder Jack Dorsey spoke about the power of the receipt... and Square...Photo: ...and Square register.Photo: Tom Leung, founder and CEO of Yabbly, where consumers share product reviews and shopping advice in retail communities. Leung was one of "Retail's Rule Breakers" in the NRF's "Fast Track Program." #NRF14Photo: The National Retail Federation's annual BIG Show was held Jan. 12-15, 2014, at Javits Center in New York. #nrf14Photo: North Hall, before the keynote session "Navigating Retail's Relentless Reailty: What CEOs are doing to thrive in a consumer-driven world" moderated by Rich Karlagaard, publisher, Forbes magazine. #nrf14