17 Photos - Jan 13, 2013
Photo: Brrrr with the weather turning cold and icy I needed to make a quick stop at the grocery store in town to buy quick lunches!Photo: When I saw a salad in a box I definitely had to look twice! Silly me didn't realize at first that I had to add my own lettuce! :)Photo: The flavors of the Lean Cuisine Salad Additions look amazing!Photo: They were simple to spot in my freezer section too!Photo: My personal favorite is the Bistro Chicken!Photo: Although I have to admit, I was shocked that both of these had the same amount of fat grams in them! Ouch!Photo: I grabbed several Lean Cuisine frozen boxes. I also needed drinks, and spotted a few things for my poor little guy sick at home with strep!Photo: There was a huge endcap of Salad Additions! Oddly enough I spotted the ones in the aisle first!Photo: I couldn't forget that I needed to buy lettuce to add on to my Salad Additions! I wanted several different types, but....Photo: .....when I added up the price of everything individually....Photo: It was MUCH cheaper to buy this Organic Arugula & Spinach mix!! I opted for this one since it was quicker and easier!Photo: I couldn't pass up this giant coloring book for my son who LOVES Jake - it was on clearance for under $3 and my poor little guy was really sick at home. I knew this would make him smile!Photo: Other than some lunches, drinks, and a few things for the kids that was all I needed today.Photo: Oops - I almost forgot mushrooms! My husband is a mushroom nut and adds it on all of his salads - prepackaged or not!Photo: Just looking at this photo makes me want to go to the store right now! I have already run out and need to go buy more!Photo: This Lean Cuisine Salad Additions Bistro Chicken salad is just heavenly!! I seriously licked the plate when I was done!Photo: