34 Photos - Nov 25, 2012
Photo: Since we were headed out of town for the holidays to spend a week at my sister's house I thought it would be fun to put together a little gift pack for all of the cousins.Photo: I was going to make little stockings full of goodies until I realized that our Walmart was sold out or picked over in their holiday and stocking stuffer areas! So I decided that we would be healthy and have a "brushing teeth" party - just something fun and good for the kids to do together!Photo: I loved that as soon as I walked into the oral care aisle I immediately spotted all of my kids favorite characters!Photo: I've been dying to try these Touch N Brush hands-free toothpaste dispensers but I definitely couldn't afford enough for everyone so I decided to stick to toothbrushes and toothpaste for everyone!Photo: My son is also oddly obsessed with the little individual flossers and I had forgotten to pack them on our trip so I bought some of those too!Photo: All of the kids toothbrushes were brightly colored and plastered with fun characters. I especially appreciated that I could buy the value packs for a cheaper price since there was more than one child to buy for! I had 6 to buy for!Photo: These Colgate Dora toothbrushes were so cute! Perfect for our little explorer!Photo: AND there was even a matching toothpaste!! Perfect!Photo: I knew one of the other boys love Spongebob so I bought him the Colgate toothpaste and Spongebob toothbrushes!Photo: Walmart even had natural toothpastes in the line.Photo: I wonder if kids really use these?Photo: I had heard there were cute Christmas holiday packs from Colgate but all of our surrounding stores hadn't put them up yet so I bought everyone their own toothbrush and toothpaste set instead.Photo: I also thought I would go along with the bathroom theme and buy something fun for their bath throughout the week since we were on vacation.Photo: My kids LOVE these fizzy tub colors so we went with those!Photo: After hitting up the oral care and bath section I went over to the Christmas area to look for some small gifts to put together with the Colgate toothbrushes and toothpaste.Photo: Cute - Iowa State ducks!Photo: Of course there were lights and inflatables everywhere!Photo: These holiday scissors were just absolutely adorable!Photo: Photo: I finally found the stocking stuffer area.Photo: I loved the multipacks!Photo: And I spotted the interactive Jingle dog that my youngest son just got! These are adorable!Photo: SO cool - I loved that this ornament counted the days til Christmas!Photo: And these odd-shaped elves caught my eye right away.Photo: On the way to finish up my shopping I walked by these beautiful soap dispensers!Photo: I also checked in our clearance section to see if there were any more little stocking stuffer ideas.Photo: As you can see the toy section was pretty picked over for small toys.Photo: I was also looking specifically for John Deere toys for my son for Christmas so I bought this one.Photo: Photo: Later that day I surprised all of the kids with their Colgate toothbrushes & toothpaste. I was surprised at how excited they all were by something so simple....and extra bonus points for it being healthy too!Photo: It was SO cute - the boys immediately ran into the bathroom and all started brushing their teeth!Photo: And all week long while we were visiting the kids would randomly be brushing their teeth when they walked in the bathroom!Photo: And even the youngest one caught on to the excitement and chose to do a little happy dance for us with her toothbrush!Photo: