18 Photos - Feb 15, 2014
Photo: Richard Kher feeling giggly, while Rahul Lama looks on, early in the morning before we left the village for Chanderi looming in the background.Photo: Early morning cow dung collection.  Fuel for the day, once it has been dried to a crisp in the sun.Photo: The Chanderi massif with the dark gash of our route clearly visible in the first [left] quarter of the buttress. The Shivaji monument and flag can also be seen on the summit to the left of the route.Photo: Richard Kher making his way on the narrow trail on the back left side of Chanderi, where we approached it from.Photo: Panorama of the cave we stayed in under the Chanderi massif. There was a temple to the god Shiva, complete with a lingam, bells, flags, ceramic floor tiles, graffitti, garbage, firewood, clothesline, and a mouse that ran over and kept us awake all night! Rahul Lama on the right prepares our next meal while Richard Kher walks between our gear and sleeping areas.Photo: Richard Kher bravely taking the first, slabby and thinly-protected pitch.  An anchor behind a boulder uses the first placements of our newly acquired Black Diamond #5 and #6 Camalots!Photo: Richard Kher jumaring his way up to the P2 anchor on Day 2.Photo: The heat was suddenly turned on when Sunny Jamshedji got to the P3 belay station which was two huge chockstones lodged in the gash. Lots of dust, moss and the occasional feather on the lip!Photo: Another clear use of a full on gear anchor, which is not very common in India.  Black Diamond camalots #6, #3 and 0.5 with a coredellte.Photo: Richard Kher stemming (aka bridging in India) his way through the cave up to the hole between the chockstone belay station.Photo: Sunny Jamshedji leaning back into the nice view of the gash within Chanderi. It was getting pretty hot!Photo: Richard Keher posing while transfering gear for the summit pitch (P4). He was obviously already pretty psyched to have made it this far!Photo: Three-point anchor made from two cam placements on the right and a peg driven into the ground on the left that was the first ascensionists single anchor. Our exit was obviously different from the first ascent.Photo: Richard Kher exiting the boulder, which seemed a far better way to summit than the full on clawing of grass that would've been required to exit as the first ascensionist might have; speculation, of course!Photo: Sunny Jamshedji and Rich Kher on the summit of Chanderi.  Note the large Black Diamond Camalots on his rack!Photo: Richard Kher and Sunny Jamshedj in a selfie on Chanderi's summit with several pinnacles and buttreses in the background between Badlapur (visible in the distance on the right) and Panvel, which would be directly to our left.Photo: The Chanderi [no name] crack that we climbed. The slab is the light patch at the bottom just above the long boulder. The first ascent exit is the V-notch between the first two boulders on right, while our exit was between the bulges of the second boulder. The Shivaji monument flag is visible as well.Photo: Another selfie of Sunny Jamshedji and Richard Kher from near our waterhole, which we unfortunately did not get a picture of. This guy is always smiling!