32 Photos - Jan 28, 2013
Photo: Photo: This is DPP's online playtesting guidelinesPhoto: Here is comparing DPP's online playtesting guide to WotC'sPhoto: Oh look! More of DPP's video game press release showing up on Wikipedia!Photo: Look what happens when you run DPP's video game press release through Copyscape -- some of it is from this video game company ...Photo: DPP's press release about the video game they supposedly have in the works (run through Copyscape to get a baseline for content)Photo: ... and a good portion of DPP's video game press release is also from this game company (for a total of 50% of DPP's press release being plagiarised.)Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Hey, look! DPP's owner is still copying other people's stuff. He took down this sample from an upcoming product when, I can only guess, he realized it was bad to leave proof of copyright infringement up on your site.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: One of the earlier images compiled as proof of DPP's/Mykal's plagiarism. The logo appeared in DPP's Wikipedia entry (before the latter took the entry down as promotion) with claims that Mykal made it himself, so don't believe his story that he was taken advantage of by a dishonest third party once someone found the tattoo artist who actually made it.Photo: Finally got to Copyscape Mykal's sample from his Fae book (as previously screen captured.) I had to tweek the screen cap's levels a bit so Adobe's OCR would work. I'm beginning to wonder if he simply can't find 33 words in any of his products that hasn't been plagiarized to some degree.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Another Mykal / DPP masterpiece. Mykal has tried countering the plagiarism and tracing allegations by posting links to articles about how artists can legitimately use other people's art and photos as references. He hopes this legitimizes his practices (odd that he needs to post the articles anyway considering he initially said he didn't trace or the like.) However, he clearly didn't read he article in its entirety, or he would have noticed that it talks about what constitutes copyright infringement and what doesn't, including what tracing would fall under.

To his credit, with this piece it appears Mykal at least tried tracing it by hand with tracing paper. You can tell it wasn't even an instance of referencing because, once again, the outlines fall exactly in most places. The only places this doesn't appear to be true is where details are dark or obscured. He also seems to have done most of the interior details on his own (notice issues with the head and mouth), although it is again likely because the image is so dark.

Again, what makes this so clearly bad is that he posted it without citation (rather difficult to claim it got by him somehow considering the source image has the original artist's signature in the bottom left) and on his professional site where he is making announcements about his werewolf game. He also posted it on his private sites, but putting it on a company website where you are selling a related game creates a context of the art being associated with the game when the artist is the game's writer and the publisher. Of course, I can't tell you exactly what comment he posted with the art because I can't seem to find it on any of his sites anymore -- unless I'm missing something, Mykal's pencil version has been removed from all sites.Photo: Another Mykal / DPP tracing -- this time from Underworld (because they are a GREAT choice to plagiarize from!)Photo: Another artistic masterpiece by Mykal Lakim of DPP (I mean, really, the guy just can't stop.)

In the screen capture of his post to his G+ account, he calls it "new" art and doesn't cite it as being swiped from Angel Spawn. He's getting a little smarter, though, but still not smart enough to get away with plagiarism.

Again, the lines clearly match in most places, indicating tracing and not just reference work, but he added some art of his own  in the details and stretched his traced image horizontally a bit, which is why it seems like the guy is trying to thrust his nipples skyward. In the overlay, I've squeezed Mykal's traced image back to its original proportions.Photo: Someone else who notified Paul Mudie that his werewolf image was being copied screen capped the artist's opinion of the matter.Photo: Mykal realizes he's getting called out on too much of his crap, because the piece he originally claimed was a "rough sketch" but turned out to be traced ends up warranting this yesterday, after this image was discovered and his tracing made public. Obviously, he's trying to get his citation out before the artist comments (which, he ended up achieving.) Odd that Mykal posted the art Dec 23/2012 -- it took him about a month and a half to admit it wasn't original art.Photo: Someone else managed to screen capture Mykal's werewolf art post before he deleted it. I have to give him this much credit: he at least says a reference was used, but that reference was only for the inner details he couldn't make out in his tracing. The outlines of his "art" and the original match up too well to just be a reference alone (as explained elsewhere.) Eventually Mykal will realize some of the people watching out for his plagiarism are themselves artists or work closely with artists, and thus can easily spot what he's doing.Photo: When I put the word "road" into Google, the image Mykal of DPP used on the cover of his Vampire: the Undeath RPG shows up on the first page. Now, it's a beautiful photo, but he altered it. The overlay of the original upon Mykal's cover is compressed horizontally in order to line thing up, and he stretched the hellow line, messed with the water and sky, and added a moon. You can tell the moon was added before he squished the image because you can see the moon itself is not a sphere -- it is also squished. Now, look at the green lines where you can see the original reflection in the sky widely covers the water, including between the posts of the road's barrier. In Mykal's altered version, you can see he's narrowed and moved the reflection (I think merged another sky and water photo), but you can still see the original reflection between the barrier posts.)Photo: