61 Photos - Apr 8, 2012
Photo: Waiting around the Cedro Peaks aid station for the last runners to come in so we can begin our sweeping duties.Photo: Manning the grill at Cedro PeaksPhoto: Some runners coming down the trail from Cedro PeakPhoto: Having a good day, obviously!Photo: Started taking pictures on the out section of the Powerline, Kevin leading the way.
It was Hot and rocky!Photo: David Coblentz coming down the powerline eating a popsiclePhoto: Neal Blake and first womanPhoto: Photo: This guy was hurtin'Photo: ...as was he...Photo: ...and this is why, a really steep climb!Photo: Hmm, which way to go?Photo: Nice forest down here in the CibolaPhoto: Deb cranking up another steep climb with course markers in handPhoto: Now downhill and runnablePhoto: Turn your head to the left and this is an interesting flower in the middle of the trails.
Google won't let me rotate it, even though there is a rotate button!Photo: Four Corners aid station volunteers.
Notice the peeps on the water jug ;-)Photo: On we go....Photo: Very runnable here...Photo: About 4 flags too many herePhoto: Cedro PeakPhoto: Deb seemed to be leading the way most of the dayPhoto: Several areas of nice open meadowsPhoto: Coyote aid stationPhoto: Wait up, guys!Photo: This reminded me of a mini SOB ditch at BarkleyPhoto: Starting up the really steep powerline section againPhoto: Steep and rocky down herePhoto: Photo: Easy to lose your footing and ending up on your buttPhoto: Kevin showing his downhill on loose scree prowess...Photo: Ooops! That hurts...Photo: It doesn't look it, but this is steep upPhoto: Deb and KZ coming up behind mePhoto: How the heck did this get up here?Photo: Unmanned aid station on the powerline....no Popsicles left :-(Photo: This ridiculously marked section slowed us way down...we had to untie all those ribbons in order to not injure the trees.Photo: Which way? Ha!Photo: These guys were everywhere....Photo: Mountain views all around, this is from the top of Cedro PeakPhoto: Looking down the road I came up to Cedro PeakPhoto: Some towers up herePhoto: Photo: Distant mountainsPhoto: Now we're down at the Cedro Peaks aid station enjoying some brats and beer.
Deb is eating a hamburger and is a vegan ;-)
Steve, Kevin and Deb...Photo: Another shotPhoto: Yet another!Photo: New York, NEW York!
Cedro Peak AS volunteersPhoto: On our way to the final aid stationPhoto: Nice trail in here, reminded us a lot of the Massanutten trails in VirginiaPhoto: Ridge very much like the MMT ridge in Va.Photo: Photo: Deb removing one of the thousands of ribbons we removed todayPhoto: Plaque up highPhoto: Nice job! (was written on the trail)Photo: Distant ridgePhoto: Some NM flora mixed in with the treesPhoto: Heading downPhoto: Those mountains in the distance, upper right, were snow coveredPhoto: Final aid station volunteersPhoto: Deb and Kevin finishing off what was left to get us the last 5 miles.
It got dark soon after this shot, so no more photos.
We did approx 33 miles of the 45 mile race in around 9.5 hours...a good ultra workout.