102 Photos - Jul 26, 2007
Photo: The orange boxes in front of the 'stage' are pull out dog beds for our two Golden Retrievers.Photo: Photo: Photo: The basement as we used it while we waited, planned and saved for a basement theater remodeling project.Photo: Redesigned floor plan removed door from theater to laundry room.Photo: Photo: Update design: Removed walls and doors around laundry room.Photo: Update design: Removed walls and doors around laundry room.Photo: Photo: The first look at the new Carada 118" screen. It's temporarily  hung on the wall while we wait on construction to begin.Photo: First 'screen shot' with a picture generated by the Panasonic AX100U. It looks damn good right out of the box.Photo: The AX100U hanging from the ceiling. This will also change when construction starts as the projector will set on a shelf  shine through an opening in the back wall.Photo: Photo: Photo: Last few days before construction starts.. Lines are on the floor and our temporary usage of the room is about to come to an end.Photo: A better look at the open space. Blue lines represent where the walls will be located.Photo: Back portion of the theater. We still have a bit of 'clean out' to do to get rid of the stuff stored against the back wall.Photo: Another view...Photo: Unfortunately, the ceiling over the front part of the room will be kinda low due to the 'sunken' living room floor above.Photo: A view from directly underneath the projector.Photo: The front of the theater before construction.Photo: Front of theater... shot from rear of theater.Photo: Construction materials are in.,...Photo: Day one of construction... Front wall where screen will go.Photo: Day 1... front (screen) wall.Photo: Looking through the walls into the theater from entrance hallway.Photo: Hallway looking to laundry room with theater to the left.Photo: Entrance to theater...Photo: Day one construction photo.. .Photo: Front screen wall. Notice steel support post has been cut so it can be removed. Additional supports added where needed.Photo: Another photo of the front area...Photo: Shot of the entrance to the theater as seen from back corner.Photo: Geesh... how many photos of the front wall did I take?Photo: Front wall showing what will be access to water meter, sump pump and storage.Photo: Rear wall of theater. Notice the windows on the left wall will be covered up. So long, good-bye.Photo: The first drywall to go up.. this is the 'back side' of the theater. Access to sump pump, water meter and water softener.Photo: Looking into the 'media closet'. Equipment rack will go were opening is. This closet will make for easy access to wiring and connections.Photo: Approaching entrance to theater on left. Laundry room ahead behind tarp.Photo: Front 'screen wall'. Back side has been drywalled. Gray speaker wire on top, electrical is low.Photo: Looking at left side of screen wall. Equipment rack cutout on the left. Recess lighting can be seen in between ceiling joists.Photo: Back right corner of theater. Speaker and sconce boxes are mounted and all wiring is complete.Photo: Left back corner of theater. New electrical panel can be seen in the rear access area.Photo: Main switch panel. Will have dimmers for sconces, recess lighting etc.Photo: Outside of the wall drywall goes on today in this area.Photo: Front screen wall after insulation. Component rack/self on left.Photo: Coming down and around from stairs (far right). To the left is the theater. Laundry room straight ahead.Photo: Theater entrance...Photo: Theater room with insulation installed.Photo: Screen wall (front).Photo: Right rear corner of room. I can see my sweat and tears on the floor.Photo: Component rack to be.Photo: Rear wall... Cutout for projector to shine through, should be in place tomorrow.Photo: Theater EntrancePhoto: EntrancePhoto: Front screen wall...Photo: Screen wall with component rack opening on left.Photo: Rear wall showing 'projector window'.Photo: Another of the rear wall...Photo: Component rack area...Photo: Cinder block wall with drywall mud smoothing it out. We'll spray some texture on it and paint as normal.Photo: Looking into theater.Photo: Seating riser and projector window in back wall.Photo: Front/Screen wall.Photo: Stage/Front wallPhoto: Cinder block wall at bottom of stairs. The drywall mud and texture hide everything. Looks like a normal drywall wall.Photo: Entrance... primer/texture applied to walls.Photo: Stage/Screen wallPhoto: Pic taken from rear riser looking at theater entrance.Photo: Rear wall with riser and projector window.Photo: First coat of primer goes on...Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: First coats of finish colorPhoto: Photo: The faux finish walls at their start..Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Close up of first few layers of faux finishPhoto: Our wonderful Golden Retriever "Cisco" didn't really like all of the construction noises he heard downstairs. In an effort to hide, he managed to get himself behind my guitar rack.Photo: Photo: Pre-build rack installed in the wall. Just need to paint.Photo: First pictures on the screen...Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Scones and painting just about donePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Rack painted and filledPhoto: First seats in place to use while we wait on the carpeting. Rather dusty in there, eh?Photo: Everything is up and functional. Carpet to come soon...Photo: Photo: Sub-woofer on rear riserPhoto: Component rack from behind. It's an oak equipment cabinet I found on Craig's list locally. I took the back off and mounted it in the wall backwards to create the shelf in the theater.Photo: Photo: Fire extinguisher just in case... You never know.